8 iconic drinks made famous by movies and TV

Whether it’s a weary hero going through heartbreak with a glass of whiskey or a group of college girls celebrating graduation with a bottle of vodka, the importance of drinks in expressing the mood of the scene is undeniable. Audiences see movie characters go through so many layouts and phases in a scene, but with a drink in their hand. The type of drink they choose to drink depends massively on the mood of the whole scene.

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It’s no surprise that successful actors and movies manage to influence audiences to like something based on how it was portrayed on screen. It doesn’t matter if it’s just to look cool, or if fans really like the drink they see their favorite hero sipping during an intense negotiation. Either way, these drinks stole the show and made their way into fans’ Saturday night plans. If you’re planning on having drinks at your next night out, make it an iconic night out and feel like you’re having drinks with your favorite star – or are their.


Vodka Martini – ‘James Bond’

james bond is not just a name, it is a cinematic force to be reckoned with. A generational classic, this character was one of the most popular protagonists in movie history, with actors fighting tooth and nail to play him in films to come. So, naturally, when a drink is favored by the star agent themselves, it’s bound to be one of the best drinks out there.

The suave, sophisticated Bond likes a Vodka Martini – shaken, not stirred. James Bond wouldn’t be such a powerful figure if he didn’t do things his way. Unlike the original martini which is never stirred and made with gin, Bond tweaked the drink to make it as iconic as it is today. All you need to enjoy this timeless drink is vodka, vermouth and lemon zest.

Old School – ‘Mad Men’

Mad Men may not be a movie, but the kind of popularity it garnered was unparalleled. A series like Mad Men comes once in a while and has a massive influence on his niche audience. With emphatic characters, a powerful plot and, despite a veil of misogyny ingrained in the show’s era, it was to be a massive hit that made Don Draper a familiar name.

He triggered a cultural phenomenon and even initiated a Mad Men effect. Draper’s favorite drink, an Old Fashioned, is a must-try concoction that begs to be tried at least once in a lifetime. Combine a serving of bourbon or whiskey with a cube of sugar and a wedge of citrus (lemon or orange, take your pick) and you have a drink that will make your grandpa proud. The effect it had on audiences was seen when, after the show ended in 2017, the Old Fashioned was one of the top-selling cocktails.

Cosmopolitan – “Sex and the City”

sex and the city isn’t just a classic, it’s a cult revelation that shone a light on the lives of four girlfriends living in New York City. An unprecedented phenomenon in itself, this film opened the doors to a variety of female-centric issues and plots in the world of 90s cinema. The films that followed the massively triumphant series had fans falling in love with Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda, but that didn’t replace our admiration for their favorite drink – the Cosmopolitan.

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Considered a rather girly drink, a Cosmopolitan can blow away anyone who tries it with its sweet and lemony undertones. While the drink’s origins are constantly disputed, the recipe remains more or less the same. Mix flavored vodka with cranberry juice and Triple Sec to feel like you’re part of the bustling city life. The drink has become such a sensation that there are even premixes available that make it easier for fans to enjoy this delicious concoction.

Mint Julep – ‘The Great Gatsby’

Although the Mint Julep is discussed more frequently in the novel than in any film adaptation of Gatsby the magnificent, Daisy Buchanan, his biggest fan, frequently holds one in her hands. In by Baz Luhrmann 2013 edition, Carey Mulligan stars like the esteemed and effervescent woman, where the drink is much more apparent.

The Southern-inspired Mint Julep is a refreshing and enjoyable drink made mostly of bourbon. Since Gatsby is a breath of fresh air literally enjoying the riches of bourbon smuggling, Daisy’s propensity for it in this story is likely a representation of her yearning for him.

White Russian – ‘The Big Lebowski’

The Great Lebowski, created by the Coen Brothers, is a dynamic masterpiece that has become one of the best comedies in American cinema. With a haunting soundtrack, marvelous cinematography, and solid performances, this film drew a giant fan following. This beautifully crafted narrative is quotable and reviewable while being part of the pop culture legacy.

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The White Russian is the ultimate dude drink that’s super easy to make and even easier to drink, as loved and invented by The Dude. The definition of a cool drink made by a really cool guy is a nonchalant, breezy drink, made by combining Kahlua vodka, creme fraiche and an undertone of coffee that instantly delights.

Absinthe – ‘Moulin Rouge!’

Absinthe’s best-known use in film is in red Mill!, although he also appeared in other films. The alcohol percentage of this aniseed liquor ranges from 45% ABV to 74% ABV. Not everyone is interested in spirits because of its high alcohol concentration.

Since absinthe was banned in the United States and much of Europe beginning in the early 1900s, it exudes an air of mystery and disobedience. Prohibition was also a result of the society of the time and the frequent association between alcohol and degeneration.

Butterbeer – ‘Harry Potter’

To fully enjoy the magic of the wizarding world, you must eat and drink like them, which for many people simply means butterbeer. It is undoubtedly the most famous drink drunk by Harry, Ron, Hermione and others throughout the novels and films. It is not certain that all the actors of Harry Potter share by Tom Felton feelings of love, but Butterbeer has proven quite popular at places like Universal’s theme parks, which suggests there are a lot of people who really adore him.

There really are a few places you can find Butterbeer, including The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal and Harry Potter New York theme parks. In fact, it is available there in hot, cold and frozen forms.

French 75 – ‘Casablanca’

There is not a cinephile in the world who has not heard of the legendary romantic film, casablanca. An endearing love story that revolves around a nightclub and two former lovers who reunite under typical circumstances and find themselves attracted to each other once again. Quotable dialogues, a fantastic plot and a beautiful cast made this film unforgettable in the history of Western cinema.

Along with the songs, it featured an amazing drink also known as French 75. A sweet fizzy cocktail of cognac, champagne, gin, syrup and a splash of lemon zest gives it a kick. foot. This alcoholic concoction takes its name from the French 75mm field gun used during the First World War, around the time the film is based on.

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