Actors Bar & Club in Weymouth will reopen after winning appeal

A POPULAR Weymouth nightclub whose license was revoked amid crime allegations has won an appeal allowing it to reopen.

The license for the Maiden Street club premises was temporarily revoked with immediate effect at a license hearing on Friday 17 December 2021. The order stated that the venue was to close for 28 days pending a full hearing in January 2022.

Dorset Police have launched an investigation into the venue following reports from members of the public.

The force was supported by the specialist Drug and Alcohol Harm Reduction Team, working alongside the Neighborhood Policing Team, Response Officers and CID, as well as partners from the local authority.

It was alleged that the operators of the site had never met the objectives of the license and that a crime had taken place on the premises, which risked endangering the safety of members of the public.

In connection with this investigation, officers from the Neighborhood Operations Team and CID executed a warrant under the Misuse of Drugs Act at a local address on Friday, December 17, 2021.

A 37-year-old man from Weymouth was arrested on suspicion of involvement in the supply of controlled drugs – class A and a quantity of suspicious cannabis was seized.

Police have confirmed that the arrested man remains released under investigation as investigations continue.

The owner of the Actors Bar & Club has appealed Dorset Council’s decision to revoke his license on the grounds that the decision to revoke the license and uphold the interim measures imposed was wrong, proportionate or appropriate and did not take into account several factors. Account.

The hearing took place on Monday June 6 at Weymouth Magistrates’ Court and the appeal was allowed and Dorset council and magistrates were satisfied that suitable operating conditions could be put in place for the venue to have his license.

Actors Bar & Club owner Parviz Marseh said he was “delighted” with the success of the appeal and said he had proven he could run the club and would soon reopen the venue under another name.

The Maiden Street nightclub is due to reopen under the new name, Club Chic, and Mr Marseh said it will have a new look and aim to attract an older, more mature crowd playing classic hits and include music from the 1990s 70 and 80.

Mr Marseh that there will be a new security company, as well as new management and bar staff running the club as well as new opening times to comply with the new operating conditions on the club’s license local.

He said: “We managed to persuade the council and the police that we were going to turn things around. I’m delighted with the result as we could easily have lost it altogether.”

Cllr Emma Parker, Chair of Dorset Council’s Licensing Committee, said: ‘The license for Actors Bar & Club was revoked by Dorset Council’s Licensing Sub-Committee in January. The move follows a Dorset Police investigation into activities at the site into allegations of criminality, including the supply of drugs to the premises as well as excessive alcohol consumption and associated disorder.

“Following appeal proceedings in court yesterday (6 June), the magistrates and Dorset Council were satisfied that appropriate measures had been put in place to ensure that players could now operate legally and under the conditions of his license.

“These measures include reduced hours of operation as well as significant changes to license conditions, including enhanced door security, a training program for all staff, new restrictions on access to premises, improved access to CCTV footage and other practices introduced to help keep visitors safe.The appellant also agreed to pay the Council £7,500 in legal costs.

“Dorset Council will continue to monitor Actors and its activities closely, and will not hesitate to take further action if we suspect there have been further license breaches.”

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