Arkham City Build-A Wave 1 figures are available for pre-order

Over the past decade, licensed video games have seen a major improvement in quality. It all probably started with the Batman: Arkham series of games from Rocksteady Studios. Now just in time to Batman: Arkham CityIn celebration of McFarlane Toys’ 11th anniversary, McFarlane Toys is releasing a new DC Multiverse Build-A Wave 1 line in October for the second game in the critically acclaimed trilogy.

The New Wave includes Batman, The Penguin, Catwoman and Ra’s Al Ghul, with the buildable figure being the monstrous Solomon Grundy. One of the best parts of Arkham City were all cool revamps of Batman and his iconic rogues gallery. These figures perfectly capture the look of this incredibly dark game and world. Batman, who was voiced by the returning Legendary Kevin Conroy, wears an updated costume from what he wore when trapped in Arkham City. It’s not too different from the costume he wears in the first game arkham asylum, but the bigger bat symbol and slightly modified belt design go a long way towards making this one of the best bat suits around. Along with Grundy’s legs, Batman comes with his signature grappling hook gun from the game series.


Then there’s Catwoman who, like the Joker in arkham asylum, was playable in challenge maps and even got its own DLC campaign closely tied to the main Batman mission. Her in-game design is nearly one-on-one with her comic book counterpart, and with Grundy’s undead torso, the figure comes complete with Catwoman’s signature whip.

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The next is The Penguin whose design in Arkham City is one of the scariest versions of the character to date. Nolan North brought such a unique flair to this mob boss and the broken glass bottle in his eye, which replaces his comical eye monocle, is one of the coolest changes in the Arkham series never did. Penguin comes with one of his famous umbrellas as well as Grundy’s head and jacket. Penguin’s relationship with Grundy in the game series was notable as the undead monster was hidden in the basement of the Iceberg Lounge. This is the nightclub that The Penguin controls in Arkham City.

The final main figure in the wave is the mastermind of Arkham City itself, Ra’s Al Ghul. The demon’s head was arguably the best part of the game, its boss fight being one of the best of the PS3/Xbox 360 era. The character is in his sleeveless green and gold armor Arkham design, and along with Grundy’s arms, he’s also armed with his in-game sword. Finally, once you complete the set, Grundy looks to be among McFarlane’s best builds. Like most characters in Arkham series, Grundy’s design is so menacing, the figure seeming to have a weighty presence.

11 years later, Arkham City is not only one of the best superhero games of all time, but one of the best games ever made. Whether it’s the game’s brilliant story from comic book legend Paul Dini, the seamless pacing and escalation of the thrilling journey, or the incredible gameplay, Arkham City took it all arkham asylum beautifully put together and perfected. The Shocking Ending Particularly Cemented Arkham City as one of the best Batman stories ever told. McFarlane captures the greatness of this game with these numbers and more. I hope to like them arkham asylum and Arkham Knight waves, this is only the beginning of their Arkham City line.

You can pre-order McFarlane’s Solomon Grundy Build-A Wave 1 set Arkham City Wave on their website now. Each figure costs $24.99, or you can purchase a bundle including each figure for $84.96.

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