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Choosing the best country bar in this part of the country is not easy, partner. There are a number of local saloons, nightclubs or dance halls where the Wrangler-clad crowd can drink and two-step, and every cowboy or cowgirl has their favorite. That said, Roman’s Oasis gallops ahead of other country mile spots, thanks to its size, history, and dedication to its guests. Located on the dusty edge of Goodyear, the 9,000 square foot roadhouse is the largest and oldest honky-tonk in the West Valley, with multiple dance floors and bars, live music every weekend -ends and the largest collection of kitsch ephemera this side of the Río Grande. It’s largely unchanged since the late Roman Comer opened the place in 1986, and his daughter Myra Curtis has kept things true to her old-school pedigree, including staying cash-only. Step in to enjoy the country comforts of the original location while you can, as it moves 400 feet southwest over the next year or two to accommodate a widening of Yuma Road. As Curtis said Phoenix New Times in 2021, they’ll recreate Roman’s oasis as best they can, right down to the giant rooster ornament on the outside. “We’re going to try to keep the same character, the same flavor of Roman so that our customers won’t be disappointed,” she said.

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