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It’s time to have your fruits and smoke them too. That’s right, your hookah expert at i-MAD Bar actually stuck a bowl carved out of a pineapple and filled with shisha onto your water pipe. Or maybe it was made from watermelon or apple. Either way, the addition of fresh cuts helps accentuate one of i-MAD Bar’s dozens of flavored tobaccos with a fruity twist. This two-story venue is a laid-back lounge by day and a lively nightclub by night. Attentive staff eagerly whip up aromatic pots of potent Turkish coffee, laden dishes of Middle Eastern cuisine, or a few extra coals for your hookah on weekend nights as a live DJ spins hip-hop and more so from the interior balcony. And you don’t need to visit either of the two full bars to pick up a cocktail – a waitress is always there to bring you a falafel wrap or an Old Fashioned to go with your hookah. On chilly evenings, you’d be remiss to miss the rooftop bar and patio with its sweeping views of Old Town Scottsdale. For special occasions, reserve the VIP lounge, filled with plush sofas, curved TVs and champagne on ice, and enjoy a night of global pop music, bottle service and the ever-present bubbling of fragrant puffing smoke .

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