Black Cat Jazz Bar by Tenderloin smashed and stolen – twice in the same night

The swank island in an ocean of Tenderloin known as the Black Cat jazz bar suffered a break-in and burglary in the early hours of Tuesday morning, and once police cleared the scene people were quickly broke in and robbed the place again.

A punch in the nose was followed by a punch in the stomach for Eddy and Leavenworth Street’s upmarket concert venue, Black Cat, late Monday night and early Tuesday morning. The Chronicle reports that the Black Cat was burglarized and robbed twice in the same night, as police responded to the first robbery and burglary around 1:15 a.m. Tuesday morning, and nightclub surveillance video shows another burglary and flight. shortly after police responded to the first incident.

Yes, it happens to be the same Black Cat nightclub where Mayor London Breed parties without a mask at a Tony’s! Tony! Your! the semi-reunion made national headlines in September 2021. But more relevantly, Black Cat is one of the more upscale venues in the Tenderloin, staffed by veterans of Zuni Cafe, Chez Panisse, Beretta and Blackbird, a a veritable cocktail destination that is a jewel in the neighborhood’s crown.

“It was just a free game,” Black Cat COO Adam Chapman told the Chronicle, describing the wholesale theft of expensive champagne bottles, high-end liquor, food and even gear. sound system and musical instruments.

“It was like Black Friday or something,” added owner Fritz Quattlebaum.

The initial burglary happened thanks to an individual with a skateboard smashing the front window around 1:15 a.m. Tuesday morning. This allowed six or seven people access to the premises, although police arrived on the scene around 2.25am.

Unable to reach Black Cat’s property, the police covered the front window with plastic and duct tape. This provided little deterrence to an additional batch of intruders soon after, as Black Cat’s surveillance video indicates, and staff did not discover the damage until after the facility was opened in broad daylight Tuesday.

But the show will go on, at Black Cat, in fact, it will go on tonight. The Chronicle reports that Damani Rhodes Experience’s performance with Tongo Eisen-Martin and VADIA is still ongoing, and the bar could probably use some love and support right now.

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Image: Kevin Y. via Yelp

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