Cedar Rapids bar tightens security after Taboo shooting

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) – Justin Zehr, one of the co-owners of Cliff’s Dive Bar and Grill, said the shooting at Taboo Nightclub “was pretty devastating.” Zehr added: “It shook everyone up a bit.”

This shooting took place on April 10. It killed 2 people and injured 10 others.

Zehr and other owners made changes as a result of this event. One of Zehr’s partners, Tim Kindl, said: “Immediately after that, we kind of sat down and were like, ‘Okay, what can we do to be better?'”

Restaurant owners already had an ID scanner at another location they own, Bricks. They installed one at Cliff’s, along with additional security cameras. According to Zehr, the cameras capture “everyone’s face from different angles as they walk in.”

Cameras and ID scanner work together. “If something, someone is fighting, we can refer, we can see, ‘Oh, that’s who it was. It’s their ID that’s been scanned. And now we can tag them. on our computer as not being allowed to return to the restaurant,” Zehr said.

The owners have also hired an additional bouncer.

Zehr and Kindl said it’s important that people feel comfortable in the city center so that they continue to visit, and the area remains “relevant” to the city.

“I want people to leave TCR and come over here. I want the Paramount people to come over here,” Kindl said. “It’s important for downtown and we’re all kind of playing our own part. And so it’s just about creating, you know, the right vibe and the right atmosphere and making sure people feel safe.

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