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If you couldn’t tell by the red stickers people wore inside the council chambers and in the hallway of City Hall, many are opposed to the rezoning of 540 acres of property along US highways. 460 and 58, and Pitchkettle, Murphys Mill and Kings Fork roads, for the Port 460 Logistics Center project.

City council held a public hearing on the matter, as city staff made a nearly 30-minute presentation on the proposed rezoning — a longer-than-normal introduction — and council extended the time from 30 minutes to one o’clock.

After project officials, opponents and council members had their say, council ultimately voted to file the rezoning application for 30 days. They are expected to take up the matter again at its September 21 meeting.

The key votes

  • Council files rezoning of proposed Port 460 property (7-1, Tim Johnson voted no) (Link: . -to-table -port-460-rezoning-for-30-days-2/)
  • New Realm Brewery Conditional Use Permit approved (8-0).
  • Rezoning for 170-unit development near White Marsh Road is approved (8-0).
  • The development of Turlington Road has increased the number of residences (8-0).

Key briefings

Restoration of the Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts — Executive Director Lorelei Costa Morrow updated the board on her upcoming programming as well as the building’s restoration efforts, which began in July. She provided a timeline for upcoming renovations stretching through the end of 2023 and noted that the center has, so far, raised $3.6 million of its $4.5 million target. .

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Art center approved for facelift

Broadband – Eric Collins of Charter-Spectrum told the council that some rural residents of the city could start getting broadband service in the city in about three weeks. The project started in the city and when completed in the city will move to Isle of Wight and Southampton counties. Construction is underway and on schedule, Collins said. It will release two nodes, and once testing is complete, residents who live on the following roads – Deer Forest, Adams Swamp, Cherry Grove, Greenway, Carolina, Gates Run, Desert, Clay Hill, and White Marsh – will be able to get the top Spectrum throughput.

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Broadband expansion welcome for rural communities

Preparedness for hurricanes and natural disasters – Suffolk Fire and Rescue Deputy Chief Brian Spicer and Director of Public Works Robert Lewis briefed the council on hurricane and natural disaster preparedness, as well as city programs to help during these periods.

The key debate

Port 460 Logistics Center Project, Again – Outside of project developers and the Port of Virginia, there has been little public support expressed for the rezoning of more than 500 acres along U.S. Routes 460 and 58, and Pitchkettle, Kings Fork and Murphys Mill Roads for Matan Businesses will set up 10 warehouses and approximately 24,000 square feet at the front of the property off US 460 for a mix of retail services – a restaurant , a gas station and a convenience store.

Opponents, who were vocal on social media, in emails to council and in letters to the editor, filled the council chamber and hallway inside City Hall, those who was able to speak out once again outlining many concerns, many of which centered on the increased traffic and road safety problems that would result from the project.

The council voted 7-1 to file the rezoning for 30 days, with Tim Johnson, who does not support rezoning the project, voting no.

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Traffic study shows potential increases with Port 460 project

Port 460 Project Proponent Submits Application for Federal and State Environmental Review

Port 460 Project Proponent Submits Application for Federal and State Environmental Review

Opponents of Port 460 deliver a listening ear to council developers

Port 460 Opponents Listen to Council and Developers

Public opposition to the setting up of the Port 460 project

Public opposition to the setting up of the Port 460 project

Despite Opposition, Planning Commission Recommends Rezoning of Port 460 Logistics Park Project

Despite Opposition, Planning Commission Recommends Rezoning of Port 460 Logistics Park Project

Port 460 project would provide ample warehousing space but increase traffic and storm water issues

Port 460 project would provide ample storage space, but increase traffic and stormwater issues

Borrowed time?

The developers requested and were granted more time for their proposal to create a borrow pit along the Suffolk-Isle of Wight county line, known as the Shady Pine Borrow Pit. It is the second time that a planned public hearing on the proposal has been delayed – it was originally on the agenda for a council meeting in May.

This time, according to Mayor Mike Duman, the delay was so developers could provide the council with an alternate route into and out of the site. The Council is now expected to hold a public hearing on the matter in November.

The Planning Commission voted unanimously to recommend denying a conditional use permit to allow this.

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IW safety concerns, Suffolk residents prompt town commissioners to recommend against borrow pit. Opportunities shrink for pit developers

Sister Cities Contest, Fall Events Update, Unified Development Ordinance

Rory Rockwood, a recent graduate of the Nansemond-Suffolk Academy, won Sister Cities International’s Young Artists and Authors Showcase Grand Prize, winning a $1,000 prize. His work was named Best Show at the Local Showcase, held at the Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts in February.

The Council also received an update on fall events including the Taste of Suffolk (September 10), Movie in the Park (September 24 at Holland Ball Park), Carpool Cinema at Bennett’s Creek Park (October 15) , Homework Help Fair (Sept. 28 at Morgan Memorial Library), Peanut Fest (Oct. 6-9), Haunting at Chuckatuck (Oct. 22 at Chuckatuck Library), Vamos a Bailar at Planter’s Club (Oct. 28), Fright Night at the Recreation Centers (Oct 29), Tiny Library Concert at Morgan Memorial Library (Nov 4), Black Panther Mini Fancon at Morgan Memorial Library (Nov 5), Suffolk Art Gallery Exhibitions ( starting Nov. 5) and the Home of the Brave 5K and Freedom 10K (Nov. 12).

The council voted unanimously to change the wording of the city’s unified development ordinance to include fencing as a development criteria and to allow fencing in resource protection areas to be administratively reviewed. .

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By Consent: Bonds for Lake Prince Woods Expansion and Renovations

Council, by unanimous consent, authorized the city’s Economic Development Authority to issue up to $15 million in senior mortgage revenue bonds for its retirement facilities. The money from the deposit will be used to add a wellness center and carry out renovations on the site.

See previous coverage: Lake Prince Woods to expand, to use up to $15 million in bonds to pay for it.

Rezoning approved for 170 unit development off White Marsh Road

Council voted unanimously to approve the rezoning of nearly 35 acres of property at 1355 White Marsh Road from agricultural and rural residential zoning to urban residential zoning to allow construction of a 170-unit development.

The planning commission voted unanimously to approve it at its July 19 meeting.

The property is approximately one mile south of the intersection of White Marsh Road and East Washington Street, south of downtown.

Although the developer considered building a combination of 30 single-family homes and 140 townhouses, they did not propose it, and the units could end up like these two types, or like other multi-family living units.

Amended subdivision offers

Council voted unanimously to amend previously approved offers for the Millstone Subdivision to increase the number of single-family homes by 42, from 105 homes to 147 homes, on property off Turlington Road near its intersection with Carolina Road. The proposed development will henceforth be known as Linwood. There will be no change to existing low and medium density residential zoning.

New Realm Brewing Co. Conditional Use License Approval

Council has unanimously approved a conditional use permit to allow live music at the new New Realm Brewing Co. in the Harbor View area of ​​North Suffolk after project developers made adjustments to the buffer zone to the site with the neighboring neighborhood and provided the results of a sound test.

Officially, the ordinance grants the conditional use permit to establish a bar and nightclub on the site – a nightclub designation in the city’s Unified Development Ordinance is defined as a “bar, restaurant, or similar establishment where a dance floor or performances are provided.”

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