City of Fremont Schools Income Tax Renewal Rejected

FREMONT — Voters in Sandusky County approved eight tax levies on Tuesday, but residents of the Fremont City School District narrowly rejected a 1.25% income tax renewal that raised $9 million a year. year for the school system.

According to the unofficial final results from the Sandusky County Board of Elections, Fremont’s proposed school levy was defeated by a margin of 51% to 49%, with 5,094 votes against renewing the levy and 4,861 votes in favor.

Voter turnout was high, with 53.73% of the county’s 39,959 registered voters casting ballots in the general election.

A cake with a message was on the table at the Sandusky County Republicans watch party Tuesday night at the Moonshine nightclub in downtown Fremont.

Fremont Schools Superintendent Jon Detwiler previously described the levy as essential for the district, generating 19% of the schools budget, and said that if the levy fails, the district would resubmit it to voters in a future election.

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State Rep. Gary Click, who won re-election by a wide margin Tuesday night, said he remains committed to "common sense values" and go "continue to serve the people."

The income tax was first enacted as a 0.75% income tax in 1993, and was renewed and increased to 1.25% in 2003. Since then, it is renewed every five years and was approved by voters each time until Tuesday’s vote.

Sandusky County Commissioner Russ Zimmerman, a Republican who was first elected in 2018, won re-election by a landslide, beating Democratic challenger Scott Williams 69% to 31% (14,489 votes to 6). 499).

Russ Zimmerman, who was re-elected as Sandusky County Commissioner in Tuesday's general election, said:

“I feel great,” Zimmerman said Tuesday night at a Republican Party rally at Moonshine Nightclub in downtown Fremont. “I told everyone I was going to run him like we lost him (as far as his campaign is concerned).

“We did well, I was happy with it but I didn’t think it would be such a big gap,” he said of his 69% to 31% margin of victory. “All is well.”

State Rep. Gary Click, R-Vickery, easily won reelection, defeating Democrat Dianne Selvey by 66% to 34% of the vote (13,711 for Click to 7,160 for Selvey).

Sandusky County Republicans gathered at Moonshine Nightclub in downtown Fremont on Tuesday night to await the results of the general election.

Click, who is the pastor of Fremont Baptist Temple, was a key sponsor of House Bill 704, known as the Personhood Act, which would add to the revised Ohio Code that “an individual’s personality is declared from the moment of conception”.

“Thank people for their support and my commitment to pursuing common sense values ​​and continuing to serve people,” Click said after the results were released.

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Selvey had pledged to support abortion rights, LGBTQ rights, public education and renewable energy.

Republican Jerri Miller, the incumbent Sandusky County auditor, won reelection after running unopposed.

Left to right, Republicans Charles Schwochow, Russ Zimmerman and Scott Miller attend the Sandusky County Republican Party Election Party Tuesday night at Moonshine Nightclub.

“I’m happy to have four more years because I have work to do,” Miller said.

A number of school districts in Sandusky County saw voters approve their levy requests on Tuesday.

Residents of the local Woodmore School District, which is in Sandusky and Ottawa counties, managed a 3 million renewal by a comfortable margin. In Ottawa County the vote was 68.6% for and 31.4% against (240 to 110) and in Sandusky County the vote was 59% for and 41% against (908 to 631) .

The Clyde-Green Springs Local School District’s 1.5 million renewal passed in Sandusky County by a margin of 53% to 47% (2,015 in favour; 1,789 against), while the county portion Seneca School District voted against the 310-277 levy. The combined totals for the two counties ended up exceeding the levy from 2,292 to 2,099.

Green Springs Village approved a 6.7 million, 5-year renewal for police protection, with Sandusky County voters voting in favor 77% to 23% and Seneca County voters 74% to 26% .

Kollin Frasure, 14, may be too young to vote, but that hasn't stopped him from actively supporting the Sandusky County Republican Party.

Gibsonburg Schools proposed a 1% income tax cut from 56% to 44%, with 1,099 votes in favor and 852 against.

Other voting issues decided on Tuesday included:

A resolution in Gibsonburg asking voters if they wanted to nominate and elect village officers in nonpartisan elections, was approved 77% to 23% (614 to 180).

Madison Township voters passed a five-year, $2.3 million replacement tax for the fire department, from 68% to 32%.

Riley Township voters approved a five-year, 1.45 million renewal for fire protection, 74% to 26%.

Residents of the Township of Sandusky have adopted a renewal of 0.5 million roads and bridges over five years, from 69% to 31%.

Townsend Townsend’s proposed $1.5 million replacement tax for roads and bridges was approved 59% to 41%.

Denne Otte, left, and County GOP Chairman Justin Smith attended the Sandusky County Republican Party's election watch party on Tuesday.

In York Township, residents passed 2,000 renewals for roads and bridges, 68% to 32%.

A $1 million tax for parks and recreation in the city of Bellevue was approved within Sandusky County by 67% to 33%, but results for all counties were not yet available.

Gary Ferkel was among those who gathered at Republican election night in Moonshine.

“I don’t call myself a Republican, believe it or not,” Ferkel said. “I’m here to find my friends.”

Correspondent Melissa Baker contributed to this report.

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