Clovis City Council votes to uphold suspension of ‘Palace’ nightclub entertainment license

The Palace nightclub has had its entertainment license suspended for the second time in two years. The lounge will not be able to stream music or entertainment of any kind for the remainder of 2022.

At the city council meeting on October 3, an appeal hearing was held regarding a suspension by the Clovis Police Department of a local nightclub’s entertainment license.

According to the Clovis PD, “The Palace” nightclub had its entertainment license revoked for serving alcohol to underage attendees at their nightclub on multiple occasions.

Police Corporal and Entertainment Licensing Officer Chris Hutchison was present at the meeting and detailed several occasions where The Palace nightclub was suspected or seriously suspected of serving underage customers in its bar.

One event came after an eighteen-year-old driver was stopped at a traffic stop where he was found to have a blood alcohol level of 0.05 and was arrested for impaired driving. The miner later said they were drinking at the Palace.

In a separate incident, two eighteen-year-olds were outside in a large crowd that had gathered after most bars in the area had closed and were found drunk. They too later said they drank at the Palace.

Clovis PD began taking a closer look at the establishment after receiving an anonymous phone call from a concerned parent in the Clovis community who believed their 18-year-old had been drinking at The Palace nightclub after returning home blind drunk.

The police department‘s efforts included an incident in which they entered the facility without notifying Palace property and searched for underage drinkers, as well as the liquor control agency which ran its own enforcement operation. infiltration.

In light of the discovery of “inconsistencies with security practices”, such as failure to check identity at the door, neither Clovis PD nor the ABC discovered that minors were drinking.

On Friday, August 12, a written notice was delivered to The Palace nightclub advising of the entertainment license suspension.

What this suspension held back was the playing of loud or live music in addition to the prohibition of live television, videos, or jukeboxes played in the establishment.

This suspension was to stand until the end of calendar year 2022, but The Palace ownership, which includes Cesar Lossley, a self-described investor in the business, filed the appeal in hopes of allowing their operating to play music until 12 midnight.

It was an earlier stipend under a separate entertainment license suspension after the nightclub was host to a shooting last year that left two people dead.

Chief Curt Fleming came to the defense of Officer Hutchison’s decision when he said: ‘My concern is that we are going to have an underage girl in the bathroom being sexually assaulted, which we have had in our bars in the past we are going to have a DUI accident where teenagers get killed and if we are doing this to prevent that from happening then I prefer to do this to educate bar owners to make sure that in the future this will not happen again.

The city council and police department’s hopes are that the nightclub will undergo the proper training to learn how to properly check for fake IDs, which Fleming said was “not the responsibility of the police department.” police”.

The council voted to keep the entertainment license suspension through the end of the year by a vote of 4-0 with Councilman Drew Bessinger not present at the meeting missing a vote.

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