Council approves plans to remove former bar and nightclub for apartment block

Galway County Council has approved plans to replace an old bar and nightclub in Tuam with a new modern apartment building.

P&C Investments Ltd has obtained planning permission to demolish part of the former Sportman’s Inn bar and lounge, together with part of the adjoining Cuban nightclub.

In its place, the developer intends to construct a four-storey apartment building, containing eight apartments, with access from the ring road.

Planning permission for the development was granted by the County Council with a total of 14 conditions attached.

A qualified archaeologist should be employed to monitor all ground work at the site and report on any archaeological material found.

The front bar of the former Sportsman’s Inn on the ground floor will not be demolished, but rather converted into a commercial unit.

It is also proposed to add a second floor extension to this area, to use an apartment with the first floor converted.

The two shops next to the old pub would be merged into one larger retail unit according to plans, and changes will be made to the apartments on the upper floors.

The new four-storey apartment building has been redesigned after the council raised issues with its clutter and density.

The council had requested that the top floor, containing two apartments, be removed entirely.

But revised plans were instead submitted removing some of the ground, with the rest not visible from Rue Vicar. This would allow him to keep the apartments, now reduced to T2.

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