DC reveals Gotham City once tried to ban [SPOILER]

The following article contains spoilers from Batgirls #8, on sale now.

Skylights may be a normal feature of most urban buildings, but in Gotham City’s vigilante-filled world, they’re a liability that has been almost completely banned by city officials, according to Batgirls #8.

This unusual bit of Gotham trivia is revealed as Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown crash through the skylight of the Iceberg Lounge in pursuit of the sniper Assisi. The issue’s narration reveals that members of the Gotham City Council lobbied for the removal of all skylights within the city limits via a bill, and “Gotham Metro Insurance lobbied the council very hard for the push through, insisting that glass ceilings were a liability. .”

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Ironically, the Copplepot family of Penguin opposed the bill, and their opposition was the only reason Gotham ended up turning into a city full of skylights. “I mean, no one would dare to jump through the skylight of the Iceberg Lounge,” the narrator of Issue 8 continues, “…except, maybe, the Batgirls.”

Even though crashing through glass would leave a person bleeding countless cuts, jumping through the skylights and landing somehow unscathed has been a staple of Batman and his various sidekicks – as well as the street-level comic book heroes in general – for decades. The trend continued in the various live-action adaptations of Batman. 1989 by Tim Burton Batman The film, for example, featured an iconic scene showing Michael Keaton’s Dark Knight bursting through the skylight of Gotham’s Fluggenheim Museum. Similar moments appeared in Batman the franchise’s various sequels and reboots, leading up to the 2022 finale The Batmanwhen Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight runs through the skylight of Gotham Square Garden in a battle against the Riddler’s thugs.

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Batgirls #8 takes place notably before Batman #125, which presents the unexpected death of the Penguin. Oswald Cobblepot, suffering from mercury poisoning, frames Batman for his demise in his final moments. The history of backup in Batman #125 delves into the management issues of the Iceberg Lounge in the wake of Oswald’s death, as various parties ranging from the Yakuza to the Penguin’s disgruntled criminal clientele vie for ownership of Gotham’s most notorious nightclub. Catwoman acts as a reluctant mediator between all of these groups until she is given the unlikely task of finding the Penguin children and bequeathing her remaining possessions to them.

Batgirls #8, by Becky Cloonan, Michael W. Conrad, and Robbi Rodriguez, is on sale now from DC Comics.

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