Deansgate cocktail bar now serves boozy eggs and avocado brunches – Bethan Shufflebotham

Twelve months after opening its doors, one of Manchester’s top cocktail bars has launched a brunch menu available six days a week. Located on the corner of Deansgate and Bootle Street, Rendition is perhaps the hottest new place in town to get your avocado and eggs.

The cocktail bar and kitchen opened in June last year, from Thursday to Saturday for evening meals and their innovative cocktail menu, with original creations like ‘Red Hot Fun’ and ‘Palm Springs’.

The decadent restaurant – which occupies the former Tapeo and Wine – was buzzing when I arrived.

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With shimmering gold disco balls, an art deco-style marble-topped bar, and red velvet curtains adorning the windows, this upscale venue is the perfect setting for a smooth transition from day to night. And since Rendition is the little sister of the nightclub Chinewhite, the team knows how to create that party atmosphere at any time of the day.

With summer well and truly underway, there’s often nothing better than brunching with the girls or treating the other half to elevens.

Interior rendering on Deansgate

The new brunch menu is small but carefully curated, often using local produce for their ingredient-based dishes. Sometimes looking at a brunch menu can feel overwhelming with choices and add-ons, but Rendition has struck the right balance.

Served from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday to Saturday, brunchers can choose between the classic bacon sandwich or the eggs Florentine for £8, opting for the homemade guacamole on toast with red onion and coriander, or the element must-have brunch menu, Eggs Benedict for £9. .

I have to admit I was tempted by the 8oz steak and egg but ‘chicken or egg’ caught my eye so I opted for that at a typical £13 brunch price .

It was way too hot for a cup of tea, so I looked at the ‘cruel intentions’ menu for a boozier brunch. Diners can opt for an Espresso Martini – a coffee cocktail that has grown exponentially in recent years – or a fancy peach bellini, but the breakfast martini, which includes gin, marmalade, liqueur orange and lemon juice, definitely got my heart.

The breakfast martini at Rendition
The breakfast martini at Rendition

The chicken and eggs were served on the bread of the day, which was a beautifully soft toasted brioche style bun – although the loaded toast seemed to be served with sourdough instead. I added bacon for an extra £1.50 which made my late breakfast (or early lunch, however you want to think of it) look more like a burger than anything else . Served with trendy gold cutlery, I couldn’t resist slicing the perfectly poached egg and watching the yolk ooze onto the plate.

There was a generous amount of chicken strips on my bun – three long, well-seasoned strips sticking out of the edges in all directions, piled high with two slices of crispy bacon. Because of the now-popped egg, it was never going to be a bite-sized affair, but had to be deconstructed on the plate so as not to do any damage.

Chicken or egg from Rendition's brunch menu (£13)
Chicken or egg from Rendition’s brunch menu (£13)

But there was also a surprise item on my plate that absolutely stole the show: a small pot of tiny potato bites that fell somewhere between a croquette and a miniature hash brown. Either way, the chewy carb snacks were light, salty, and the perfect way to mop up the runny egg off the plate. Not having been mentioned on the menu, they were an unexpected and delicious addition.

Accompanied by the fruity and tangy breakfast martini, the whole experience felt like a slice of indulgence – a true act of self-care.

In addition to the all-new brunch offering, the new food menu also includes a range of small plates and comfort food, including whipped goat cheese with flatbread, cilantro oil, toasted sunflower seeds and dates and a rump aged 28 days, served in black pepper caramel strips.

The egg was gloriously runny at my Rendition brunch
The egg was gloriously runny at my Rendition brunch

There’s also a selection of fried chicken dishes, with chicken strips fried in Rendition’s homemade batter, served with toppings including sriracha and honey or mango and soy.

And if fried chicken isn’t what you’re looking for, there are also a few vegan and gluten-free options.

Highlights of the new cocktail menu include Rendition’s Red Hot Fun, featuring Ciroc Red Berry, cranberry and chilli, and The Dance, featuring Stolichnaya Vanilla, strawberry and chewing gum.

Whether you’re looking for a place to catch up with friends, enjoy a nice Saturday morning date, or just to treat yourself and have some me time, it’s worth doing with Rendition’s new brunch menu at heart of Manchester food and drink. stage.

Rendition is open Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. for brunch, and Thursday to Saturday for evening meals and cocktails.


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