Denied entry to a bar in Liverpool, UK, because it’s ‘too old’

76-year-old Anthony Savers reveals how he was turned away from a bar in Liverpool, UK, because he was ‘too old’

Anthony Savers is a retired shipbuilder from 76 years old Who told how he made a . denied access to Pub downtown Liverpool, UK. seventy year old man of Vauxhall, said he was in Matthew Street Last night July 25 and after leaving the vineyard he went to the Irish bar ‘McCully’ it was the latter place the man stayed “surprised” when a goalkeeper rejected him, which he said said he was “very old” walk in. such an incident happened Marcia When young people denounced having been attacked by doormen in a nightclub.

Savers has made certain statements to the Liverpool Echo where he states that he abnormal condition It never happened to him. “I just got out of the grapes, I was it is raining And was wet, I don’t live far from the city and without a bus, I walked home,” says Anthony. “But as it was raining, I thought I was goingMcCoolly’s just to dry and a I drink, I went up to enter, but a concierge told me that I could not enter. I asked him why and he told me I was too old. It is published by Daily Star.

The septuagenarian was very surprised when he was refused entry to the bar.

“I said ‘this is discrimination’. Then he said nothing. I just left, I was in shock. Shocksaid Anthony. “How would that make you feel? It wasn’t until I left that I realized that. I thought ‘Wait, too old?’

“I SurprisedI’ve been drinking in the city for over 60 years and this has never happened before. People might laugh, if they tell you you’re too old, it’s wrong. Anthony explained Bad experience who has lived

East D’Anthony asks her to complain to the ‘McCully’ bar, which denies her father admission. After the filing, Anthony says he was asked to contact company who runs the bar to provide individual of Security,

“When I got my head back, I went to ‘McCauley’ and he told me it wasn’t his fault, it was the security company. I said a personal apology, because ‘ he reported me personally “Anthony is finishing his testimony.

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