DJ admits hurting man by interfering with music at Queenstown bar

The World Bar, in the center of Queenstown.

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The World Bar, in the center of Queenstown.

A Queenstown DJ has admitted seriously injuring a man who interfered with his musical equipment at a popular nightclub.

Stuart Edwin Raeburn, 38, was found guilty of injuring the man in such circumstances that if death had been caused he would have been guilty of manslaughter. The incident happened at World Bar on June 12.

The charge carries a maximum sentence of three years in prison.

In Queenstown District Court on Monday, Judge Tony Couch released Raeburn on bail for his October 11 sentencing.

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A police summary of facts said the accused was performing at around 12:40 a.m. and the victim entered the DJ stage and touched the musical equipment, briefly turning off the music.

Raeburn, also known as DJ Stubacca, grabbed the victim in the chest with both hands, pushed him against a wall and told him he had to get off the stage, which was about 33 centimeters below. above ground.

He then pushed the man to the ground.

The man fell from the stage and landed on his back on the wooden floor below.

His head hit a shale stone hearth about 2 meters away.

Medical attention was immediately called as he lay unconscious.

The victim had a fractured skull and a brain haemorrhage and was airlifted to Christchurch Hospital in critical condition, where he remained for several days.

Raeburn told police he feared his equipment was damaged.

The man was in his personal workspace and Raeburn believed he was behaving unpredictably.

Raeburn cooperated with police and expressed remorse and concern for the victim, the statement said.

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