Drunk Russian national footballer kicked out of Krasnoyarsk bar: filmed moment

    Drunk Russian footballer kicked out of bar in Krasnoyarsk: the moment on camera

Ivan Ignatiev / FC Rubin

Rubin striker and Russian youth team Ivan Ignatiev became an extra in the resonant situation. The footballer was expelled from a nightclub in Krasnoyarsk.

Insider Ivan Karpov posted a video of Ignatiev leaving the institution. Also in the telegram channel, the reporter posted photos of a football player sitting with gunshots at the bar.

“Vanya was resting with her friends from Achinsk. As a result, the guards forced him out – he allegedly sent someone the wrong way. They say he was fired later, although that is not correct, ”Karpov added.

Episode video

The video shows how the drunken footballer came out of the institution by the arms. There were also photographs with Ignatiev inside the cafe.

Who is Ivan Ignatiev

  • Ignatiev was born in the city of Achinsk in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. This season, the forward has played nine appearances for Rubin and hasn’t scored well.
  • Ignatiev has been playing for Rubin since 2019. Earlier it was reported that Rubin may loan the player out.
  • Ignatiev has been mistaken for disciplinary issues on several occasions. In January 2020, due to drug problems, Ivan was expelled from Krasnodar. One of the successful tests showed the presence of traces of cocaine.
  • Before that, Ignatiev, along with Mamaev, Shishkin, Kritsyuk and several soccer players, had thrown into a party during the summer training camp. Then the players were fined, reprimanded, but still forgiven.

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