Foxtail Skybar video controversy explained as South Side Bar closes due to problematic customers

Following a controversial video featuring patrons of Pittsburgh’s Foxtail and Skybar going viral, owner AMPD Group recently announced the clubs are temporarily closing. The move comes days after the viral video featured a lewd act by patrons inside the E Carson Street venue in Pittsburgh’s South Side.

Foxtail and Skybar have not addressed the video as part of the police investigation into the incident that took place at the scene. According to KDKA News Radio, the controversial video featured the crowd at the scene at the time and a girl in a lewd act. According to the video, the crowd appeared to applaud someone as they inserted a glass bottle into the private parts of a partially clothed woman.

Following the incident, the controversial video was shared on all social networks. However, the obscene nature of the video resulted in its removal from almost every platform it was uploaded to.

Why was Foxtail Skybar in Pittsburgh temporarily closed?

As the aforementioned video went viral, bar and club owner AMPD Group received a lot of flak over the incident. Following this criticism from locals and officials, the group took to Instagram to share a statement in which they revealed their decision to temporarily shut down the Foxtail Skybar site. The statement said:

“The safety and health of our guests and staff is our number one priority. After careful consideration, the owners of Foxtail/Skybar have decided to suspend operations at the site until further notice. The climate for operating a business economy on the South Side has regressed to the point of being unstable and has led to problematic clientele. We will continue to support Mayor Gainey and the Department of Public Safety’s South Side Safety Initiative Plan. We We look forward to joining the community once a solution to the problems plaguing our neighborhood has been successfully implemented.”

The decision to close Pittsburgh’s Foxtail Skybar location appears to come after Mayor Ed Gainey’s office held a virtual meeting with the Department of Public Safety and South Side business owners. According to WPXI, some landlords pointed to the increase in crime in the area and urged authorities to tackle the problem of underage customers. One commercial agent in particular further called for a “curfew for minors”.

Meanwhile, local police have reportedly temporarily addressed the issue of these controversial incidents at local bars. They would have patrolled these areas and been stationed near these establishments which have caused problems in the past.

after this video… i will never set foot in the fox tail nightclub/skybar again

The WPXI post further quoted District Judge Eugene Ricciardi, who expressed his disapproval of the indecent incident at the Foxtail Skybar featured in the viral video. He said:

“This is embarrassing. This video has gone viral across the United States. We have people in Florida who have seen this video, what does this say about us?”

Judge Ricciardi further reportedly said that problematic bars should be closed and a curfew should be reinstated in the area. He also called for a cap on alcohol sales. Meanwhile, KDKA News Radio said the implicated patrons who caused such controversy are now banned from institutions.

A judge has called for an immediate state of emergency after a video of a lewd act inside the South Side Foxtail bar was posted on social media. To agree @KDKARadio for reaction to the video and a response from the bar owner who spoke with @MartyGriffinKD

In addition, a police complaint has been filed against the perpetrators of the nuisance. However, any developments in the investigation or criminal charges against those involved are unknown at this time. Although not reported by local media, it is possible that the establishment’s regulations and operational standards are now also being scrutinized due to the indecent behavior of customers displayed in the video.

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