Fraudster racks up €2,500 in unpaid bar bills at two nightclubs in Valencia, Spain

A fraudster has racked up unpaid bar tabs of €2,500 in 24 hours at two nightclubs in the city of Valencia.

A 24-year-old man has been arrested by the Policia Nacional after claiming he is a wealthy international basketball star.

Police were called to a club in the Russafa district of Valencia around 6.30am on Monday.

The club owner had arrested a customer who had spent several hours trying to dodge payment of his €1,300 bill.

His expenses included a €500 bottle of champagne and €800 on a bottle of premium vodka.

Officers discovered he had done a similar stunt the day before at another club, leaving them €1,200 in arrears.

Identifying the man was not easy as he showed officers a phone image of his DNI card with a photo that did not match him.

As things got tougher for the scammer, he tried to convince the police that he was an international basketball star with big money behind him.

He claimed he had already made a bank transfer to pay his nightclub bill and urged officers to confirm who he was by going online.

The police had had enough of the lies at this point and took him to a station where they determined who he really was.

He turned out to be a Senegalese national with numerous charges against him for similar crimes.


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