Glasgow bar kicks off parties to beat travel nightmare

Coming home from a nightclub in Glasgow is nearly impossible these days, but if you still want to party and go home at the end of the night, city institution McChuill’s has the answer – with the one of the world’s most respected DJs playing an evening set.

Starting at 7 p.m. and ending at midnight, In Dusk We Trust is a new clubbing event that ends in time to catch the last train home – and means you can hang out without getting completely busted for the rest of the week, wishing you’d never left the couch in the first place.

The event kicked off last month with a sold-out party featuring the legendary Justin Robertson, who loved the party so much he’s coming back to do it all over again this weekend.

Set in Glasgow’s iconic Acid Arch, these nights are all pitch black with lasers, lights, smoke and a killer sound system to boot.

It might be in a pub, it might be at a respectable hour, but make no mistake, In Dusk We Trust is already shaping up to be one of Glasgow’s quirkiest club nights – c It’s just that the atmosphere is at its height at 8 p.m.

It’s not an old fashioned club. It’s contemporary music with some classics thrown in for those fuzzy memories. At the bar his house, Balearic classics and disco all night long.

Glasgow bar launches evening DJ sets to beat travel nightmare

For promoter and DJ Bosco, it’s an idea he’s had for a while but now that he’s pitched it he’s thrilled with the response.

He said: “The idea was really to give clubbers the opportunity to see a top DJ in a small, intimate venue. We’ve done a lot of work at McChuills to put in a new sound and lighting system, so it’s far from an ordinary night at a bar. It’s a real club with renowned guests.

“The only thing that’s different is the timing, but as we saw at the launch party, there’s definitely a huge demand for it. I know if I don’t put it on myself, I would go clubbing!”

An early ending might suggest the club is for older ravers who still want to dance but can’t hack latecomers anymore – but In Dusk We Trust attracts a mixed crowd of all ages who are all there for the same reasons. But above all because it’s a real party.

Bosco said: “It’s definitely for clubbers of all ages. I think there are several reasons why starting and finishing early is so appealing to people.

“For starters, going out until at least 3 am doesn’t suit many people, especially with the difficulties with taxis in the city center these days. This club allows you to get home at a reasonable time, while having had the full clubbing experience. And most importantly, you’re not wasting space all week after.

Glasgow bar launches evening DJ sets to beat travel nightmare

Although this is a first affair in an intimate setting, the guest DJs booked for the evening are top notch and that’s how it’s going to stay.

Bosco said, “We put together a list of the best DJs we had seen over the years, those who can play an eclectic style and have an incredible knowledge of house and techno over the years. But we also want them to be at the level you would normally see at much larger events and later at night.

“The first option had to be Justin Robertson for us because he’s a genius, simple as that. We’ve had him a few times in the past, like at the O2 Academy and most recently at The Cheetah, where he rocked an absolutely sweat-soaked club filled with enthusiastic clubbers.

“Surprisingly, that’s exactly what he did on Dusk launch night too. He has an amazing sound and vibe to his sets, where he makes every track feel like a big chunk of room just by the way he programs them.

“The place was a crazy sweat box less than half an hour after opening the doors. He still delivers. In fact, it was so good that we invited him over for the second night instead of having someone else. That really says it all.

In Dusk We Trust is at McChuill’s, 80 High Street, Glasgow on Saturday 15 October from 7pm to midnight. Get tickets here.

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