GTA 6 will take place in Vice City, a massive leak containing 90 videos confirms it

Many clips of GTA 6 gameplay have been leaked, with GTAForums member ‘teapotuberhacker’ taking credit. The footage shows a game that is still in progress, includes clips of complex animations, potential storylines, and more. The leak also validates a number of important gameplay elements, such as protagonists, tone, and Vice City as the game’s location.

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Despite initial skepticism, multiple reports are now claiming the leaks are real, and Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar Games, has begun filing takedown requests for videos that have surfaced on YouTube and other media. social. It’s safe to say that this issue took precedence over Rockstar over other tasks that might have been at hand. The “leaker” also holds more ransom information and is eagerly awaiting a deal with Rockstar Games.

It would be an understatement to call this leak massive given that leaks of such magnitude happen once in a blue moon. With over 90 videos and screenshots, a lot seems to have been made clear around GTA 6. Firstly, it’s now been confirmed that the game will feature a playable female protagonist, Lucia, alongside a male character. In one of the leaked segments, we see Lucia robbing a store, showing intricate gameplay animations, gunplay, and NPC dialogue.

Several key details, including “VCPD”, Vice City Police Department license plates and the leaked video showing “Vice City Metro Train” more or less confirm that the game will indeed take place in Vice City, the version of the video game from Miami, Florida. In one of the leaked clips, we also see the two protagonists visiting a nightclub, with character dialogue and set pieces triggering as the character goes deeper into the club.

Visually, the game so far looks decent. Of course, the leaks are low-res, but notably, the game is seen running on a PS4 dev kit in one of the clips. If the game does launch on PS4, the playerbase will be massive right off the bat. Additionally, the fact looks polished in certain segments, including one where the male protagonist is seen near a body of water, receiving insults from nearby NPCs. The lighting, in particular, looks impressive when viewing the pixels, the wind seems to affect the myriad palm trees, and weather effects like rain look good for a game that’s probably in its pre-alpha stage.

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In all likelihood, the game is at least a few years away (if not longer). We have key confirmations regarding the character switching between male and female protagonists and a story that will be presented in a satirical tone. It’s safe to say that GTA VI will be the biggest video game launch ever in every release. If anything, Rockstar might just release an official trailer now that so much has already leaked.

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