How to accept drinks while clubbing in BitLife

You want to know how to accept drinks in a nightclub BitLife? By developing the life course of your characters in BitLife, you can test hundreds of unique mechanics to get the full spectrum of game emotions. You can create unique gameplay with each new family, choosing from careers to life goals. But among other things, the game doesn’t always go the way you want it to, and you need to be prepared for random events. You will be offered a drink in certain life circumstances, and you must accept or decline the offer. Our guide is there to help you, tell you how to accept drinks in the disco BitLife, and on the consequences.

How to accept drinks while clubbing in BitLife

In addition to going to work and developing family relationships, your character sometimes needs a break. One option for a relaxed and fun gaming experience is to go to a nightclub. To do this, you need to select the Activities option and scroll down to Nightlife. Here you will see several action options, and going to the club is one of them.

During a visit to the club or during an evening with friends, you may by chance meet certain characters who will offer you a drink. Accepting drinks when going out to a nightclub BitLife, all you have to do is accept the offer. But before you do that, think carefully. Even after a drink of alcohol, your character can do unreasonable actions that can ruin your game. And in the worst case, the character can even become addicted to alcohol. This is unlikely to happen after one or more drinks, but with each new drink of alcohol the chances of becoming an alcoholic increase. But you still have to risk five times if you want complete the Dancefloor challenge.


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If you are unlucky, we still advise you to go to the rehabilitation center by selecting it in the Activities menu. After several visits, your character will be cured of the addiction for the rest of your life. Although if he became an alcoholic a long time ago, maybe going to the hospital will not help, and in this case you will have to play for an alcoholic until the end of his days. So, like in life, before you start drinking, remember the consequences and ask yourself if you need them.

BitLife is available on android and iOS.

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