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Bushwick is packed with the best of New York nightlife. The nickname comes from its notoriety for revelers getting lost in the sauce as bars and clubs pop up along the Strip…and how hard it is to find your Uber at the end of the night. Luckily for techno and house fans, the Bossa Nova Civic Club has recently reopened, but there are plenty of places to check out if you don’t want to wait in line for too long.

Paragon is Bossa’s sister club which opened as its predecessor was rebuilding following an apartment fire. It’s one of the few actual music venues, so the space is quite large, with two separate floors of booming dance music.

Mood Ring is an astrology-themed bar with a small dance space where up-and-coming young DJs from New York clubs come to spin.

Casa Maya is a Mexican restaurant with a dance floor upstairs. I haven’t tried them yet, but everyone says the tacos are great.

JADE is a favorite among local hip hop DJs if you need a break from the often pretentious dance music scene. Being there feels more like a family function than a club.

Mi Sabor Cafe is a Dominican restaurant turned nightclub. You’d forget it was also a restaurant, until you realized you can buy empanadas at the bar.

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