Hunter Schafer Calls Bar Transphobic On IG Live, Nosedive Critics

Euphoria star Hunter Schafer called a nightclub in Germany after allegedly discriminating against his assistant

The actress went live on Instagram to her many followers after attempting to visit The Silq in Düsseldorf, only to have the security guard refuse to let her assistant, who is also trans, into the club.

“Uh, I said my friend can’t come in because she’s trans,” Schafer said in a recording of the live stream shared later on Twitter. “Don’t come to Silq. It is not safe for transgender people.

She is briefly interrupted by someone asking to take a picture with her and explaining the situation. The person also seems shocked by transphobia and said they would leave the club.

“Fuck Silq,” concludes the actress. “Internet, do what you do. Take them out.

Since Schafer’s video, The Silq has been bombarded with reviews on Google. However, it appears to have already received a number of weak reviews from customers who accused the club of racism just a month ago and for at least three years.

The club responded to Schafer’s criticism on Instagram, writing that it was all a “misunderstanding” and that “this sort of thing has no place in our world and simply must not happen”.

They later claimed the security guard was ‘kicked out’ after the incident and that Silq was an ‘LGBT friendly club’.

Most people didn’t believe the platitudes, with one user summing it up pretty well: “It’s not a misunderstanding, it’s transphobia.”

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