Jägermeister and Connecting Plots launch “Win ​​A Home Bar” promotion

Jägermeister and Connecting Plots are making sure the right people see their latest promo, with their new “win a home bar” campaign featuring famous Berlin bouncer Frank Künster at the door.

The promotion gives Jägermeister fans the chance to win a home bar worth $10,000, complete with bar stools, neon sign, double tap machine and more. It follows the release of Jägermeister’s classic and can be found both digitally and on social media.

Frank Künster is a bouncer, club owner, film producer and actor and is well known for his involvement in the explosion of the Berlin nightclub scene after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

In an interview with Complex, Künster was asked how to get past Berlin’s toughest doormen, to which he replied “with bouncers, it’s totally irrational.” They look at you, and when they’re in a good mood, they let you in. And when they’re not, you’re going to be denied.

“Your own custom-built bar with a Jägermeister tap machine is the perfect excuse to host a house party,” said Ollie Dickson, Marketing Director of Brown Forman. “With drinking habits shifting towards occasion at home, this is a perfect opportunity to reframe Jägermeister as a drink for those times.”

Dave Jansen, co-founder of Connecting Plots, said: “There is a timeless insight into this idea that everyone can appreciate. Frank makes the promotion fun and interesting, which will help it get the attention it needs.”

The campaign is running in-store, online and on social media.

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