Man jailed after victim was stabbed eight times in Nottingham city center

A man who repeatedly chased and stabbed a man will spend years behind bars.

Michael Stevenson launched the brutal attack following a disturbance in Talbot Street in Nottingham city centre.

The 21-year-old victim had just left a nightclub and was arguing with his girlfriend.

Hearing the argument, Stevenson walked out of a convenience store with a second man, Zuber Hassan, and attempted to intervene.

The 21-year-old told them not to get involved as it had nothing to do with them.

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Stevenson and Hassan then approached the boyfriend and a small kitchen knife was produced.

Fearing for his safety he fled and was chased by the two men down Burton Street where he tripped and was later kicked, punched and stabbed.

The victim suffered eight stab wounds that required 25 stitches at the hospital.

The incident happened around 2am on August 27 last year.

Following a detailed police investigation, Stevenson and Hassan were arrested and charged in connection with the incident.

Both men appeared at Nottingham Crown Court yesterday (Friday May 27, 2022).

Stevenson, 39, of Alfreton Road, The Arboretum, admitted to inflicting the stabbings and was jailed for eight years and three months after pleading guilty to intentional harm and being involved in supplying heroin and crack between August 16 and 29. year.

Hassan, 22, of Bentinck Road, Forest Fields, pleaded guilty to brawling and was jailed for 12 months, suspended for 18 months. He must also complete 100 hours of unpaid work.

Following the conviction, Detective Constable Dionne Love, who led the investigation, said: “It was a brutal attack which caused the victim to fear for his life. He was stabbed several times and it is very lucky that he was not more seriously injured.

“I am happy to see this result from the court and that Stevenson has been sentenced to a long prison term. Hassan has been given a second chance by the courts and I hope he takes it. If he fails to stay out of trouble I can assure him that we will be there to send him back to court and that there is only one place he will end up and that is jail.

“This case should serve as a strong reminder that Nottinghamshire Police take knife crime and drug-related crime extremely seriously. Such offenses are completely unacceptable and I want to reassure people that we remain committed to bringing offenders to justice in order to make our communities safer.

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