Manchester City soccer star Benjamin Mendy’s rape accuser ‘then danced with him around the club’, court heard

A woman who accused Premier League footballer Benjamin Mendy of rape was dancing with him hours after the alleged attack, a court has heard.

CTV footage taken inside a nightclub on the day of the alleged rape, shown to a jury at Chester Crown Court yesterday, showed the woman dancing against the Manchester City left-back.

Another clip, from the same night, showed the woman putting her hand on the 28-year-old’s neck as they appeared to be exchanging words on the dance floor.

Earlier today in July 2021, the court heard Mendy raped the woman during a gathering at his mansion, The Spinney, in Mottram St Andrew, Cheshire, north west England.

Recalling the alleged incident during a recorded police interview, which was played to a jury, she said she was invited to Mendy’s home where people were drinking and playing games.

She said he tried to ‘talk’ her into having sex and, despite giving her ‘every excuse’, had to ‘give in’.

Before the alleged rape, which she said lasted 20 seconds, Mendy told the woman, “It’s small, don’t worry.”

The woman said she “felt dirty” and used most of a packet of baby wipes to try and clean herself after the incident, the jury heard.

She only reported the rape to the police after being contacted by officers after other allegations surfaced because ‘it was like one word against another’ and she was ‘really scared’, adding that “these people have power, whether you like it or not”. the court has been informed.

Eleanor Laws QC, defending Mendy, questioned the woman over the footage and suggested she was “physically comfortable” with him despite the alleged attack.

The woman replied: ‘I wouldn’t say I was physically comfortable in his company, I just hadn’t processed everything that had happened.

“I was very drunk and just doing what everyone else was doing – acting like nothing was wrong.”

Ms Laws said: ‘No one in this club would suggest you rub your butt and dance with someone you didn’t want.

“No,” replied the woman. She then explained, “I was dancing with everyone. Everyone was dancing with everyone.

The court saw another clip, which appeared to show the woman approaching and speaking to Mendy as he left the club.

Jurors heard she returned to the footballer’s home two days later after being invited over by another man, although Mendy was not present. Addressing the woman, Ms Laws said: ‘You wouldn’t want to come near there after what happened.’ The woman replied, “Not alone, no.”

Mendy denies eight counts of rape, one count of attempted rape and one count of sexual assault against seven young women.

The co-accused Louis Saha Matturie (41), friend and fixer of the footballer, would have had the mission of finding young women for sexual purposes.

Matturie, from Eccles, Salford, North West England, is denying eight counts of rape and four counts of sexual assault relating to eight young women.

Both men say any sexual encounter was consensual.

Prosecutors allege Mendy is a “predator” who “turned the pursuit of women for sex into a game.”

The trial continues.

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