New Disney World 50th Anniversary Foods Include Tentacle-Filled Drinks, Ice Cream ‘Tubs’

(NEXSTAR) – Can Your Stomach Survive 50e birthdays at Disney World?

In honor of the upcoming festivities, Walt Disney World will launch more than 150 new foods and drinks at its park restaurants, cafes and kiosks, including a ‘tub’ full of ice cream and a michelada topped with octopus, among others. outrageous offers.

Magic Kingdom patrons can try the Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow Sundae Uncle Orville, a dessert inspired by a character from Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress. (Walt Disney World Resort)

The new articles were inspired by Disney attractions, Disney characters and “nostalgic 1971 dishes,” according to Karen McClintock, head of food and beverage content relations at Disney World. Some, too, would be reworked recipes from the Walt Disney archives, although McClintock admitted that Walt’s palace was “relatively simple.”

“The result are delightfully reimagined versions of Walt’s favorites,” she wrote on the Disney Parks Blog.

Among the more extravagant offerings at Disney World’s 50th anniversary celebrations, Magic Kingdom guests can expect to see Uncle Orville Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow Sundae, the aforementioned ice cream “tub”, believed to be based on ‘a character from the Walt Disney carousel. Progress. There is also the Squid’s Revenge Drink, a michelada garnished with a piece of charred octopus.

The Squid’s Revenge drink will be available at a Magic Kingdom restaurant during Disney World’s 50th anniversary celebrations. (Walt Disney World Resort)

Visitors with an adventurous appetite might also enjoy the Mission to Mars burger, topped with bacon and macaroni and cheese, and served on a bun sprinkled with “crushed cheese puffs”. One of the strangest items, however, might be the 50th Celebration Hot Dog, which is made up of an all-beef hot dog and topped with strawberry jelly, powdered sugar, and funnel cake pieces.

The Mission to Mars Burger is served on a bun sprinkled with “crushed cheese puffs”. (Walt Disney World Resort)
(Walt Disney World Resort)

Meanwhile, at Disney Springs, customers can order a fragile chocolate “Pigñata” filled with mousse and whiskey-infused vanilla cake. And across the park, at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground, one of the take-out restaurants serves a trio of cupcakes designed to look like a “chicken dinner.”

Guests of Disney World campgrounds can try the Chicken Dinner Cupcake Trio. (Walt Disney World Resort)

Other notable, but perhaps less fancy, food items include: cheese fries topped with “Walt’s Favorite Chilli” at Disney’s Animal Kingdom; filet mignon topped with an egg, “as Walt loved it,” at Disney’s Hollywood Studios; and a brown-betty profiterole topped with spicy cinnamon apples, “one of Walt’s favorite flavors,” at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa.

McClintock said in his blog post that Disney World will be launching additional posts throughout the resort’s 18 months.e birthday celebrations.

The Chocolate Pigñata served at a Disney Springs restaurant will come with its own mallet. (Walt Disney World Resort)

Disney’s Upcoming Anniversary Event – Featured As “The most magical celebration in the world” – was announced in June. In addition to new food items, Disney World will also launch new nightly “shows” in its parks, as well as new merchandise, a new ride based on the animated film “Ratatouille” and redesigned costumes for its actors.

The festivities are slated to begin on October 1, 2021, exactly 50 years to the day after Disney World opens to guests.

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