New nightclub, bar trends showcased at the Las Vegas Convention Center

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – From healthier drinks to contactless orders at the bar, the pandemic has changed the way people experience Vegas nightlife.

8 News Stop by the Nightclub & Bar Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center now to check out the big trends you’ll see next time you step out. Large corporations, local businesses and a few celebrities were on hand for a taste of the latest news.

“We are going to be in nightclubs, also in restaurants, with special flavors”, explained Jose Iorio, founder and partner of Booze Cream.

They sell 16 degree alcohol infused ice cream.

“During the pandemic that we all went through, one of the best-selling products on the planet was ice cream and alcohol,” Iorio told us. “So why not?”

After a year of separation, experiences to share, like enjoying a pint of ice cream with friends, are growing in popularity.

“We saw things that would probably have happened anyway just speed up and happen a lot sooner,” said Alexi Khajavi, president of travel and hospitality at Questex, a company that helped organize the convention. .

He explains that these are trends, such as mixing healthier options with alcohol, such as tea-infused liquor used in place of soda.

“A lot of this stuff is so innovative that we ourselves are blown away,” Khajavi said. “People aren’t just looking for the next IPA or the next spirit. ”

Technology was also drawing crowds, with booths showcasing high-tech devices, QR codes and new payment apps.

“During a crisis, it really forces you to change, to adapt, and to make changes in your business and the way you operate,” Khajavi said. “I think this will only strengthen the sector in the future.”

Congress is also addressing the problem of staff shortages. They launched an unemployment zone to help connect hospitality employers with those looking for work.

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