New RSVP South End nightlife destination will have a bar, lounge and nightclub

Rendered courtesy of RSVP South End

Construction is underway for RSVP South Enda nightclub promising to provide options for everyone in the group.

The new concept, located opposite Fairwood 226will open at the end of October.

What is happening: RSVP South End will be a one stop shop with four different event spaces in one. The acronym for RSVP is a description of each space: rooftop, stage, veranda and living room.

  • Co-owner Scott Jermyn says they’ve strategically placed RSVP farther from the majority of South End bars and nightlife options to provide an escape.
  • RSVP South End Assistant General Manager Katie Beltran walks us through the various options to help you make the most of your evening.
  • “There is an option so that you don’t have to debate different things. At RSVP, you can grab a cocktail and chat about where the night will be. Beltran explains.

The atmosphere: Each space has a different vibe that makes you feel like you’re in an entirely separate place.

  • Roof: The top floor has views to create the perfect atmosphere for a nightcap and new conversations.
  • Arrange: This space offers an exclusive club experience with VIP options, including special entry.
  • Veranda: The two-piece outdoor space with a roof gives you the “average South End brewery vacation,” according to Beltran.
  • Parlor: This section is located on the first floor and is designed to be an accessible raised bar where you can ideally start the night.

Menu: Signature drink options vary across the four spaces to cater to each distinct vibe.

  • The roof will offer a refreshing frosé.
  • The stage will feature craft cocktails and a gourmet menu.
  • Veranda will have a vending machine for iced drinks.
  • Parlor will offer a wide variety of bourbon and whiskey options.

Design: RSVP will feature works by local business owners and artists. The goal is to give an instagrammable experience.

  • Beltran tells us they work with local artists like Kyle Mosher paint frescoes and plant house for a refreshing green aesthetic. “Charlotte has so much to offer that we want to incorporate what so many people bring to the city,” Beltran said.

Details: Rooftop, Stage and Veranda will be open to the public from Wednesday to Sunday.

  • The salon will be open daily.
  • Beltran says there will also be options for people to rent the spaces for events.

Roof. Photo: Courtesy of RSVP South End

The stage will have eight VIP tables, live music, DJs and bands. This space can also be rented on days when it is not open to the public.

The first floor of Veranda will feature an outdoor fireplace and greenery from Plant House.

Parlor. Photos: courtesy of RSVP South End

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