Norfolk City Council set to decide California Burrito’s future

The restaurant has a nightclub attached to it called “The Back”. It is the fourth nightclub in Norfolk city center to face closure since last month.

NORFOLK, Va. — Another nightclub in downtown Norfolk is in danger of closing.

On Tuesday night, Norfolk City Council will vote on whether to revoke the conditional use permit for Granby Street’s California Burrito. This license allows the business to sell alcohol and stay open until 2 a.m.

The restaurant has a night club called “The Back”. City officials say the company has multiple violations for overcrowding. The current permit limits total occupancy to 49 people. City officials say at times the occupancy exceeded more than 100.

Tonight will be a public hearing, which means anyone can show up. The people of Norfolk have mixed opinions.

Norfolk resident Christopher Jordan asked: “Doesn’t the city like tax revenue?”

Diane McCabe said she hopes city council members can find a fair solution for everyone.

“I think because of the increase in crime, all ideas need to be explored,” McCabe said.

It is the latest in a massive crackdown by the city council against bars and restaurants in the town centre. If California Burrito loses its license, it will be the fourth Norfolk nightclub to lose its license since September.

“I totally disagree with that. They’re going to put a lot of business owners out of business,” resident Mark Cage said. “Basically, you’re going to lose so much business here anyway. is it going to bring people here if you close all these bars?On top of that you cut the income of many bartenders who are my personal friends.

Cage said nightclub employees will be hit the hardest if the company loses its license.

“These people don’t understand how they’re going to impact these people’s pockets. So it’s really unfair,” he said.

Last month, downtown Norfolk businesses Legacy Lounge, Culture Lounge and Restaurant and Scotty Quixx had their conditional use licenses withdrawn by council members, amid heightened concerns about safety on Granby Street.

Another resident, Kiara Davis, said the city and business owners should work together to keep downtown safe and keep businesses open.

“I think it’s a bad idea. I think it’s hard for people to want to come to town to do business. And I think that sends a message that sometimes if you’re in violation it’s an automatic shutdown, instead of, let’s come on and have a meeting of the minds,” Davis said.

“Shootings happen everywhere, so I don’t necessarily think that’s the right approach to reducing crime. I think it’s more about involving citizens and business owners in coming to an agreement where they can put in place an agreement to reduce crime.

California Burrito conditional use license public hearing begins at 7 p.m.

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