Officer allegedly kicked in the head during arrest at Darwin bar, drunks ‘launched abuse’

A police officer was allegedly kicked in the head as he tried to arrest a woman outside a bar in Darwin after being called to a disturbance by angry drunks early on Sunday morning, NT Police said.

Police were arresting a woman for disorderly conduct at around 3.45am outside Mayberry nightclub on Edmonds St when officers were approached by a 19-year-old woman who allegedly kicked an officer in the head while a crowd of drunks hurled insults at the officers.

The assault is the tenth reported assault of a police officer in eight days, prompting the union representing police to call for the immediate reinstatement of the ‘City Safe’ patrol group, which involved officers marching through the entertainment district of the CBD.

NTPA President Paul McCue said the patrol group was disbanded to increase the number of general task patrols in the Darwin area, and the latest attack on police “exposed the lack of police resources available in the CBD to protect the community”.

“City Safe must be reinstated to give the public the confidence to know that they will be protected if a violent situation arises and that the safety of our members will not be compromised,” he said.

The 19-year-old Mayberry woman was later arrested and charged with obstructing police and could face further charges for assaulting the officer. She will appear in Darwin Local Court on April 21.

Superintendent James O’Brien said the drunken mob also insulted police during the arrest in the ‘shameful’ incident, which will see police working to quell ‘riotous behaviour’ on Edmonds St and could seeing the establishment slapped with fillers.

“Not only was the officer attacked, but the large rioting crowd that had gathered began to insult the police. It is clear from the video footage of the incident that much of the crowd was drunk,” Superintendent O’Brien said.

“The police will work closely with a number of government and non-government agencies in an effort to put an end to the persistent riotous behavior in and around Edmunds Street.

“Police will be looking into the incident very closely to determine if there is any liquor law violations have taken place. »

Police are asking anyone who witnessed the assault to contact them while the investigation continues.

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