Playhouse in Northampton: A popular town center bar celebrates its first year in business with a resounding success

A popular Northampton bar is celebrating a ‘massively successful’ first year in business.

Playhouse, based in the former Revolution nightclub in Bridge Street, celebrated its first anniversary on November 8.

Playhouse General Manager Leslie Walker

General manager Leslie Walker reflected on his success. He said: “It’s fantastic. It was weird to convert an old revolution into something a little more exciting for the city. The concept is loved by the public and people just want to go out and feel like to get what they pay for. We give people an experience, there is always something to do here.

“The feedback from the public has been fantastic, we achieved #1 on Tripadvisor for the pizza, for the bar as well, it was brilliant. The public loves the experience. It’s a huge success.”

Leslie said: “It was fun because Northampton had never had anything like it before. It was nice to try out here and show it works. We loved doing it and didn’t realize at how diverse the incoming groups would be. b. We see everything from families to couples to nostalgic people coming to play old school games like Pacman, Space Invaders, Tetris. Our demographics are completely cross-sectional, which that we didn’t think would happen.”

Speaking of the games aspect of the bar – of which there is a wide range, including the bespoke Raceway track – Leslie said it brings together different groups.

He said: “People make friends. We’ve made a lot of friends. Playing games together is quite stressful. We load people onto the Raceway who don’t know each other and at the end they all have a beer downstairs together. You get couples challenging couples who don’t know each other. It’s just fabulous to see.

When asked what he had learned about the business, Leslie replied that “people didn’t want to sit still, they wanted to get involved”.

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He said: ‘During Covid a lot of people were forced to sit down and said ‘there’s your table, don’t move, don’t breathe’. Then coming to us, what we learned was is that we have to get people to open up, we want people to mingle, compete, talk Your table is just a base camp, it’s your domain, but get up and get involved I think that’s what people really like.

Leslie then revealed her secrets to success.

He said: “Our service, our pizza, our games. We work so hard to make the best products as quickly as possible. Instead of trying to do everything at once, we do one thing and do it the best we can. we can. We try to make it the best experience. We stick to it and do it right.

Going forward, Leslie says he is focused on the continued success and development of Playhouse. “The way it’s been received can only get better,” Leslie said.

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