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Boarded up windows are not usually a cause for concern in Canberra’s ever-changing bar and restaurant scene. But seeing the popular Kokomo nightclub receiving the plywood treatment in recent weeks has a disturbing tinge. The bar and nightclub were the scene of a deadly brawl in July 2020, barely a month after the city began to reopen after the first COVID lockdown. But despite an inevitable storm of negative publicity, followed a year later by a bar brawl involving Raiders center Curtis Scott captured on CCTV, Kokomo has remained open. And obviously, and against all odds, he continued to draw the usual night revelers to his prominent corner on Bunda Street. But it looks like this second longer lockdown was an opportunity for the Harrington restaurant dynasty to take the nightclub in a different direction. In line with the rapidly changing world of high-end dining, Kokomos is expected to be replaced in the coming weeks with a new restaurant, Wilma, alongside a separate bar called The Pearl. While details are scarce, the man behind the change is likely acclaimed chef James Viles, who joined Peter Harrington’s Harvac group in February of this year, overseeing the kitchens of Kokomos, Akiba and Sage. Viles moved to the capital after shutting down its famous two-hat restaurant Biota in its Southern Highlands in 2020. With Wilma, it is likely that he will be able to open a new culinary chapter while retaining Akiba and Sage, two must-haves on the scene. from Canberra. READ MORE: And Wilma looks set to come up with an adventurous new menu, if Kokomos’ most recent experience is anything to go by. In November 2020, just months after the fatal stabbing, but long before the advent of COVID, Kokomos tested the waters with a pop-up restaurant inside the bar, Krakatoa, serving progressive Asian barbecue. The success of this venture could well be replicated at Wilma, which will soon open its doors. In the meantime, watch this plywood covered space. If the current messaging is anything to follow, it will open its shiny new doors just as abruptly as it closed. Our reporters work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:


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