Renovated Burnley nightclub with controversial 80p drink offer

Owners of a bar have unveiled its new interior as they prepare to host their regular promotion of selling drinks for just 80p.

Rebecca and Jason McQuoid have owned Projekt Burnley since March 2019 and during the lockdown, when pubs and bars were forced to close, took the opportunity to renovate the popular bar.

LancsLive spoke to the owners after being contacted by a concerned local, who wished to remain anonymous, about their offer of 80p drinks.

“When it all came to a standstill during the lockdown, we decided to invest and make some changes so that when the world started up again, we had something new to offer,” Ms. McQuoid said.

The couple also own Fashion nearby and have lined up a number of acts to star in their theaters, including Wiley, Tom Zanetti (August 21) and Nathan Dawe.

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Projekt Burnley on Hammerton Street has a regular drink offering, as does Mode, where a shot and a blender, or a Jaeger bomb, costs 80p between 10pm and 1am.

Councilor Phil Chamberlain of Burnley Borough Council said that while he had reservations about selling alcohol so cheap, he was confident owners and staff would act responsibly.

“I would be slightly worried but I can’t curse running a place when I don’t know them,” Cllr Chamberlain told LancsLive.

“I would expect them to obey licensing laws and Hammerton Street is well guarded as it is a popular area for late night drinking so I have no doubts that the place and the police are capable of solving all of them. The problems.”

The club has had a makeover

In May 2018, Scotland became the first country in the world to introduce a minimum unit price for alcohol, which is currently set at 50 pence per unit, in an effort to address alcohol-related health concerns.

North of the border, the initiative has resulted in an 8% drop in alcohol sales and campaigners have called for it to be implemented in England.

Projekt Burnley has been offering an 80p drink offering since 2016 and Ms McQuoid said ‘it never caused any licensing issues’.

“It only did what similar offerings are doing across the country and gave customers a reason to exit earlier than before,” she added.

“Our staff are impeccably trained and do not serve the intoxicated and they certainly do not promote irresponsible drinking.”

Professor Sir Ian Gilmore, chairman of the Alcohol Health Alliance, said research published in May of this year proved the success of the minimum unit price as a “harm reduction policy”.

He called on the UK government to follow the lead of decentralized administrations in Scotland and Wales and introduce minimum prices for England.

Sir Ian said: “Westminster has said time and again they are waiting for evidence from Scotland and Wales on the minimum unit price as 80 people a day die from an alcohol-related cause. “

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