San Francisco Mayor London Breed defends going maskless after violating COVID guidelines

San Fransico Mayor London Breed believes people are abusing a video of her without a mask at a nightclub, which violates the city’s COVID-19 guidelines for indoor locations.

The mayor tried to defend his actions after a video of her without a mask as she attended a live performance by R&B group Tony! Toni! Your! at the Black Cat Club began circulating online last week.

Current COVID-19 guidelines for indoor locations in San Francisco require participants to remain masked unless actively eating or drinking.

Even if Elevate, a Democrat, was taped without a mask as she danced with the show, she insisted she was actively drinking and everyone there was vaccinated.

“My drink was sitting at the table,” she said. “I got up and started dancing because I was feeling the spirit, and I wasn’t thinking of a mask.”

Race maintained that she was following the guidelines set by health officials, but was not going to take extreme measures to comply with them.

“No. I’m not going to sip and put on my mask, sip and put on my mask, eat and put on my mask,” says race. “While I eat and drink I will take off my mask.”

In another interview, Breed reflected on how the guidelines should be interpreted, stating, “The reality of what we’re asking people to do is get out there, enjoy our city, but also keep it safe. mind that COVID is still here. ”

Ultimately, Breed said she believed the focus should be on the band’s music rather than their lack of mask.

“We don’t need the funny police to come in and micromanage and tell us what we should or shouldn’t be doing,” she said.

However, Breed continued to receive criticism for his actions from residents and business owners who strictly followed COVID-19 health guidelines set by authorities.

“If she wasn’t wearing a mask, nobody has to wear a mask. In fact, I’ll withdraw mine right away, ”Santo Esposito, the owner of il Cilentano restaurant, told ABC 7.

Esposito noted that it was unfair for Breed to violate health guidelines as restaurants struggled to enforce police restrictions during the pandemic.

“Especially for restaurateurs. Many of my friends have already closed their businesses. They missed. I’m still here but we are still fighting, ”Esposito explained.

Breed isn’t the only California politician to be criticized for his unmasked appearance. Governor Gavin Newsom received a wave of backlash after being seen without a mask at a party in November.

Mayor Breed is currently the highest paid mayor in California, earning more than $ 300,000 a year. Photo: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

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