Single Lesbians in Philadelphia – Dating is as different as the city

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Are you a woman looking for a girlfriend in the Pennsylvania area? Maybe you are a resident of Philadelphia or planning to visit the lesbian dating scene? We have good news. There is a strong LGBT vibe in the so-called “City of Brotherly Love”. This buzzing metropolis would rightly deserve the epithet, sister city of love too! Let’s take a closer look at the main aspects of the lesbian social scene in this vibrant city. Where is the best place to meet your perfect girlfriend? How about some chat advice? And how about a list of the best LGBT spots in Philadelphia for romantic excursions.

Find your ideal partner

So, first of all. Where can you meet a delightful female who would make an ideal companion for excursions in Philadelphia? Your best bet would be to indulge in flirtatious discussions. One of the proven ways would be to try a lesbian online chat exit. These web resources are extremely popular with the LGBT community and you will have no trouble finding a suitable one after completing the easy application process. Since lesbians are twice as likely to use this medium to hook up as “straight” women, the stats are in your favor! The diverse range of sites and apps available for lesbians in this part of the United States keeps growing, and since most will offer free registration, what have you got to lose?

The scene in Philadelphia

How about a little history lesson? Philadelphia was central to the formation of the United States itself, the city that inspired the American Revolution and the place where the nation’s historic fathers met and ratified the nascent republic’s Constitution. The symbolic Liberty Bell, an iconic symbol of American independence, is kept in this city. This feeling of freedom has steepened over the years and has created an atmosphere where people of all sexual persuasions can feel relaxed and welcome. Today, there are many LGBT bars you can visit where you can feel at home, mingle with others on your wavelength.

How to approach other lesbians

Before highlighting some of the places you need to investigate on your lesbian date, it might be appropriate to offer some tips that we have mentioned. If you want to hook up with another girl, make sure your dating profile captures a good likeness. Forget uploading selfies. To give you the best chance of contacting someone to enjoy Philadelphia with you, make sure your picture shows you smiling and is taken with a good high definition camera. When you start talking about the city, ask open-ended questions. Do they have prior experience of what Philly has to offer? Can they recommend any LGBT hotspots they may have heard of on social media? You can always chat about the local football team, the top-flight Philadelphia Eagles. Even if you don’t know much about the sport, you can easily glean enough information to hold a flirtatious conversation! Why not research best eagles players of all timethen amaze your future partner by displaying your knowledge?!

Unmissable places to land

Philadelphia’s Downtown Village is renowned for its selection of lesbian-friendly bars, and many are located nearby, so you can plan an exciting ‘pub crawl’! Head west along Walnut Street and you will come across Bike Stop, U Bar, Franky Bradley’s and the Stir Lounge. The latter has an unpretentious vibe, with an exposed brick interior and a tempting selection of craft and imported beers on tap. If you’re looking for more of a social get-together, try Woody’s Nightclub after 7 p.m. This long-standing gay haunt offers everything from fabulous theme nights to delicious bar meals and dance floors where you and your girlfriend can strut your stuff.

If you prefer a more substantial meal than bar snacks washed down with cocktails, Philly has more than its fair share of gastronomic delights. The Knock Restaurant offers upscale New York-style cuisine, with a piano slot adding a relaxed atmosphere. Camac Tavern serves delicious American dishes and is also famous for its party atmosphere. Guests often join in the communal songs, while the dance floor is always inviting.
So, as you can see, Philadelphia has a vibrant LGBT scene, and you’ll be spoiled for choice when you start compiling a shortlist of lesbian date destinations. Philly contains no less than 67 National Historic Landmarks and was the first US city added to the Organization of World Heritage Cities. It is an inspiring place for lesbian encounters. So what are you waiting for? Go start flirting with a filly or two from Philadelphia! Before you know it, you’ll be hooking up with another lovable single lesbian who’s just as keen on you immersing yourself in Philadelphia.

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