Southsea’s Kingsley bar and nightclub to close as founder searches for new venue

Steve Kingsley, the owner of Kingsley’s in Osborne Road. Photo: Malcolm Wells

Previously The Osborne Pub in Osborne Road, Kingsley’s was founded by Steve Kingsley in 2008.

Now the venue is about to change once again, as Steve is set to hand over the lease of the premises to the Stonegate Brewery.

With plans for the brewery to be confirmed, Steve is now on the hunt for a home for the Kingsley’s brand.

He said: “The lease is over and the brewery wants to take it over.

“It’s worth keeping the mark – we were very lucky and very happy.” We would probably like to rent again, but where can I buy the booze I want.

“I would love for the brand to continue.”

Steve said it “won’t be easy” to find a new location, but he hopes to explore Southsea not far from Kingsley’s current home.

He said, “We haven’t seen anywhere yet. Southsea is a good place, it works.

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Having previously posted a brief message with few details of the shutdown on social media, Steve said he had been inundated with messages expressing his dismay and calling for the Kingsley brand to return soon.

Steve added: “It’s been absolutely phenomenal. It makes me very proud. It was nice to see what it means to people.

“That makes it more important to make it work.”

Trade at the restaurant remains strong, but Steve said it has “in no way, shape or form” harmed his interest in Southsea.

He said: “It’s going fabulous. We have brilliant staff and it’s a dream to work there. I have never had a restaurant before which makes it even better.

Carter and Co was started by Steve and his son Tom, alongside business partner Mick Forfar, who spent months painstakingly renovating the former Italian bar and grill.

Kingsley is due to close on December 31, after two final events on December 29 and 30.

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