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Andy Cohen smiles from the floor of Rehab, where fan Marty Zuniga tagged this selfie.

Talk show star and St. Louis native Andy Cohen visited the Rehab Bar & Grill in St. Louis this weekend — because where else would a local St. Louis LGBTQ+ icon go to visit his hometown?

From the looks of her Instagram, the Bravo host traveled to St. Louis this weekend to celebrate the 90th birthday of her dad, Lou Cohen.

Cohen grew up in St. Louis (Clayton High School, in case you were wondering). A slightly fictionalized TV version of his memoir, Most Talkativehas the green light to recount his coming of age in the 1980s in Saint-Louis.

Over the weekend, Cohen went to Rehab on Saturday night. At some point over the weekend, he also graced the Up-Down STL arcade bar in the Central West End. The famously talkative Cohen is known to have a drink or two – and was apparently in good spirits.

The inhabitants of Saint-Louis will seize every possible opportunity to rejoice the handful of celebrities here, so selfies showing Cohen with fans naturally followed suit.

As are the regrets of those who missed Cohen’s appearance.

In other news, congratulations to Cohen on recently securing a three-year contract extension with SiriusXM. Variety reported today that Cohen’s radio show, “Andy Cohen Live,” will go from a weekly show to five days a week.

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