Stonecrest City Council discusses proposed conduct and decorum guidelines following Mayor’s remarks

FOX 5 News learns more about the town of Stonecrest plan for better driving and decorum at their public meetings.

Stonecrest City Council discussed the proposed guidelines and penalties intended to hold city leaders accountable.

It is for their proposed conduct and decorum Politics.

This policy is the result of what council members called “unacceptable” remarks recently made by the city’s mayor.

Monday’s meeting was the first of two readings of the city’s expected decorum guidelines.

There must be two readings before the board can vote on the ordinance.

During the meeting, FOX 5 learned that the policy is divided into four categories and those who do not comply could be removed from their posts.

“The purpose of this article is to establish guidelines of conduct and decorum for all elected and appointed officials,” said lawyer Alicia Thompson.

Monday’s discussion comes after Mayor Jason Lary was censored earlier this month – for remarks made at a recent meeting.

“If you don’t know the protocol, you better learn it from me,” Lary said. “You don’t recognize the Pro Temp Mayor and the council and just leave me standing like I’m not at the meeting. I’ll show you my hairy butt the next time this happens and that’s the only warning I have. I’ll give with that. “

The six-page ordinance, as it currently stands, describes how officials are to behave with each other and with the public at public meetings, with municipal staff, and with boards, committees and commissions.

The policy requires public servants to conduct themselves in a manner that will instill public confidence and confidence in the fair functioning and integrity of city government.

“What we would recommend for the first and second offense is that there is censorship for the individual and for the third offense he would be removed from his post,” said Thompson.

The ordinance states that rude, inappropriate, vulgar or offensive comments by elected officials will not be tolerated.

They cannot be biased towards members of the public.

The order requires that board members be vigilant during public meetings and do not appear disinterested, angry or bored.

They should also never criticize or publicly ridicule any city employee.

FOX 5 called Mayor Lary to get his reaction to Monday’s decorum policy, but he didn’t comment.

In April, Governor Brian Kemp signed a law to deprive the mayor of his right to vote.

Earlier this year, the city also launched an investigation into allegations that Lary took thousands of dollars in bribes from groups that received federal COVID relief grants.





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