Texas lawyer charged with slipping abortion-inducing drugs into estranged woman’s drinks

A Texas lawyer is accused of slipping his wife an abortion-inducing drug because he feared her having a baby after they split would make him “look like a fool”.

Mason Herring, 38, has been charged with assault on a pregnant person and assault to force an abortion, according to the ABC Houston affiliate KTRK-TV. He is the first person in the county charged under the law, which came into force in August, when Texas’ abortion trigger law went into effect because Roe v. Wade was overruled by the Supreme Court.

Herring, founder of the Herring law firm in Houston, was arrested on May 27 but was only recently indicted by a Harris County grand jury, according to court records reviewed by Oxygen.com.

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Herring’s wife, whose name Oxygene.com refuses to publish, entered the Houston Police Department on April 27 and claimed her husband of 11 years was poisoning her, according to the probable cause affidavit signed by the Harris County prosecutor’s office on May 25.

The plaintiff alleged that she and Mason separated in late February after Mason confessed to exchanging flirtatious texts with a former employee. Although the separation was Mason’s idea, the two agreed to undergo marriage counseling while the woman left the house, according to her statement.

It was during one of the marriage counseling sessions on March 8 that the woman told Mason she was pregnant.

A police document from Christopher Andrighetti

“The plaintiff said the defendant had a negative reaction, and after that evening he texted her saying he was unhappy with the pregnancy and didn’t know what to do,” the statement wrote. Houston Police Investigator A. Otero.

The wife claimed Mason said a pregnancy would “ruin his plans” and “make him look like a fool,” according to the affidavit.

Then, between March 12 and 16, the couple took their children for a spring break in West Texas, where Mason allegedly “started talking about her hydration” and convinced her to drink more water. . The wife said he often made sure she finished her drink – including on March 18, when Mason reportedly showed up at his Houston residence and offered her a drink.

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About half an hour later, the woman suffered from “extremely painful cramps” and uncontrollable diarrhea, forcing her to run back and forth to the bathroom, according to the affidavit. After several bouts of illness, she discovered a “large amount of blood”, prompting her to seek emergency care.

According to KTRK-TV, she did not lose the baby.

After being released from the hospital, Mason allegedly tried to give her drinks three times, and each time the woman said she “observed an unknown substance” or a broken seal on the bottle.

Empty courtroom G

Empty courtroom G

Fearing that her husband was the cause of her illness, the alleged victim had cameras installed in her home. A video – later reviewed by police – allegedly captured Mason on April 24, cleaning his truck and taking the trash to the sidewalk.

The woman said she was “out of place” because “he doesn’t do chores around the house,” the affidavit states.

After Mason left, the wife said she found blister packs for a Mexican pharmaceutical version of “Cytotec”, a drug containing Misoprostol.

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In a police interview, the complainant’s OBGYN said the drug could create strong uterine contractions, causing a miscarriage and other symptoms, including diarrhea and bleeding.

Subsequent tests reportedly confirmed that six samples provided by the plaintiff were positive for misoprostol, according to the ABC affiliate.

Investigators also reviewed additional security footage of the home and “observed the defendant making a drink in the kitchen, pulling out a Ziploc bag and emptying the contents into the drink,” according to the affidavit. They also reviewed photographs provided by the wife showing several drinks containing “an unknown substance”.

Oxy app

Oxy app

Mason was arrested at the airport in May after returning from a trip to Las Vegas, according to the ABC affiliate, but released on $30,000 bond, according to CBS News. He faces 2 to 10 years in prison and up to $10,000 in fines if found guilty.

“It’s manipulative, it’s premeditated,” Harris County Assistant District Attorney Anthony Osso told KTRK-TV. “What we allege Mr Herring did – what we believe the evidence supports – is quite a heinous act. To do that to someone who trusts you is to take advantage of that trust.

Mason’s attorney, Dan Cogdell, said his client is looking forward to his day in court, according to KTRK-TV.

The baby is said to be healthy, although slightly premature.

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