The most expensive versions of 8 popular foods and drinks

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Maybe you fancy a really good steak. Or a burger. Or a large salad with a martini on the side. But you don’t have a steak – or anything in the fridge, for that matter – and the thought of a grocery run isn’t appetizing. A local restaurant is for dinner.

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Today, many restaurants and chefs have concocted a variety of creative variations of standard foods and drinks. In some cases, they have taken the foods we enjoy every day to a new level of taste and price. How much would you pay for a sandwich? Or a pizza?

You will never hesitate to check out your restaurant again after seeing some of these most expensive prices in the world. Read on to find out the exorbitant prices of 10 dishes, cocktails and restaurants from around the world.

Burger: The Golden Boy

You can spend $6 on a Big Mac at the Golden Arches or, if you’re in the Netherlands, stop by De Daltons and try The Golden Boy. The restaurant in Voorthuizen takes the burger to a whole new level. It is made from 100% A5 wagyu meat and includes king crab, beluga caviar, Dom Pérignon breaded onion ring, English cheddar, white truffle and barbecue sauce created from Macallan Scotch whiskey and Kopi Luwak coffee. The hamburger bun also has a touch of Dom Pérignon in the dough and is covered in gold leaf.

Cost: About $5,000. If you want The Golden Boy, you’ll need to order at least two weeks in advance and put down a deposit of around $750.

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Diamonds are forever Martini

In Tokyo, take in views of the city skyline from 45e floor of the Ritz-Carlton. Here you will find The Bar, which serves a variety of signature cocktails and offers sake tastings. We’re pretty sure this is the only place in town where you can order a martini and get a one-carat diamond with it. Just ask your server for The Diamonds are Forever Martini, which Travel + Leisure says is made with Absolut Elyx vodka and a splash of fresh lime juice. Your choice of shaken or stirred.

Cost: Travel + Leisure reports that it costs around $19,000, making it the most expensive cocktail in the world.

Ono champagne cocktail

Maybe diamonds aren’t your bling of choice. In Las Vegas, you can indulge in what Travel + Leisure ranks as the second most expensive cocktail in the world: the Ono Champagne Cocktail at the Encore Hotel at Wynn’s XS Nightclub. It is made with Charles Heidsieck Champagne Charlie 1981 and Remy Martin Louis XIII Black Pearl cognac, and it is served with an 18k gold necklace with a black pearl and a diamond as well as gold cufflinks.

Cost: $10,000, according to Travel + Leisure.

Barclay Prime Cheesesteak

Barclay Prime, a Philadelphia steakhouse, has taken the traditional Philadelphia cheesesteak to new heights. The Barclay Prime Cheesesteak is made with wagyu sirloin and topped with foie gras, onions and truffle cheese and served on a fresh sesame roll. You will also receive a half bottle of champagne.

Cost: $140.

Wagyu Steak

At the Bellagio in Las Vegas, celebrity four-star chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten offers a variety of steaks on the Prime Steakhouse menu. If you’re in the mood to splurge, try the 12-ounce wagyu steak. Imported from Japan, the steak is topped with your choice of soy rice, pepper or béarnaise sauce.

Cost: 12 ounces, $720; 9 ounces, $540; or 6 ounces, $360. If you want a baked potato on the side, it’s another $20.

Caterpillar Mushroom Soup

For example, Caterpillar Mushroom Soup from the Royal China Club in London really does not contain caterpillars. The LoveFood website says the soup got its name because it contains a rare herb, the cordyceps mushroom, also known as the caterpillar mushroom. The broth is created with the grass, simmered for eight hours, and the soup also contains wild duck.

Cost: About $600, but it serves four. You will need to order in advance.

McCarthy salad

The Beverly Hills Hotel, a landmark that has hosted the rich and famous, opened in 1912, and its Polo Lounge followed in the 1930s – named after the polo fields that once occupied the grounds. As the hotel celebrates its 110e anniversary, the Polo Lounge unveiled its special McCarthy Salad, named after frequent 1940s visitor, polo player Neil McCarthy. The salad is served in a commemorative French china bowl – yours to keep – and includes fresh lobster and caviar garnished with gold leaf. A bottle of Dom Pérignon accompanies it of course.

Cost: $1,912 in honor of the hotel’s first year.

Pizza: C6

At Steveston Pizza Co. in Richmond, BC, you might want to order a basic cheese pizza or a pepperoni-topped pizza, priced at $18 and $21 in Canadian dollars. Or, you can upgrade to C6, which is topped with tiger prawns, lobster ratatouille, caviar, smoked rainbow truffle, and white Italian truffles.

Cost: $850 (US$645).

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