The report of the city’s integrity commissioner supports new claims against the councilman. Rick Chiarelli

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City Council Rick Chiarelli offered to pay an assistant her $250 to perform a sex act on a man she had just met at a Montreal nightclub in the fall of 2014, according to Integrity Commissioner Karen Shepherd from town, then teased the assistant about the experiment and encouraged her to repeat it.

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A year earlier, Chiarelli provided the same staff member with a ‘transparent, revealing shirt’ which he asked her to wear to an Ottawa International Animation Festival event, urging her to change clothes. in his car while he was present.

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The commissioner’s 64-page report, released Friday, follows complaints filed earlier this year by a woman in her 20s who was employed part-time at Chiarelli’s office between 2013 and 2015.

This is the third damning report issued by the Office of the Integrity Commissioner into Chiarelli’s behavior since 2020.

Chiarelli, who was interviewed during the investigation, denied the allegations, the report notes.

Five complaints were filed by the woman, with Shepherd investigating four of them. The fifth was not investigated because it allegedly occurred before July 1, 2013, when the city’s code of conduct was put in place. The other two – that Chiarelli asked the woman to go on a romantic date with an animation festival volunteer, and that he discouraged her from reporting a sexual assault and forbade her from seeking therapy or advice following the assault – was dismissed by Shepherd as “on a balance of probabilities…unsubstantiated”.

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In his report, dated August 18, Shepherd found that Chiarelli violated Articles 4 and 7 of the city’s code of conduct for council members. Section 4 deals with general integrity, while Section 7 concerns discrimination and harassment.

His report recommends that Chiarelli apologize for his actions, verbally or in writing, and be stripped of 90 days’ pay.

The last Board meeting is November 15.

In a 2020 report, former city integrity commissioner Robert Marleau described the councilor’s allegations of misconduct as “shocking and staggering.

In that report, Marleau described Chiarelli’s actions as “incomprehensible incidents of harassment.”

Following the report, the city council voted to suspend Chiarelli’s salary for 450 days and called for his resignation.

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