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The Town Bar & Grill in Edgartown will have to close an hour earlier until at least August 1 after several incidents in which police were called to the Upper Main Street establishment.

A public hearing to review the restaurant’s liquor license was held Tuesday at the Edgartown board meeting. The hearing was triggered by two incidents in February and March where police had to be called to the restaurant. According to a letter from city administrator James Hagerty to city manager Alex Tamargo, the restaurant has been on thin ice with the board since at least September last year, when the board issued a warning after addressing repeated noise complaints and potential violations. of the restaurant’s entertainment license.

The restaurant, open until midnight during the summer season, will have to close at 11 p.m., the board of directors decided.

Mr Tamargo and Edgartown Police Chief Bruce McNamee both testified at the hearing. Board of directors Michael Donaroma recused himself due to contracts his company, Donaroma’s Nursery, Landscaping and Floral Design, has with the owners of Town.

“It’s a restaurant. It’s not a bar, it’s not a nightclub,” coach Arthur Smadbeck said. night. I don’t think it’s good for the city, for everyone involved.

Police reports provided to the Gazette detail the incidents. In February, police responded to a call about a fight between customers and several restaurant workers. The report noted that the employees in the fight were intoxicated as well as the customers.

“I believe that if the staff had not been intoxicated, perhaps a more civil outcome might have occurred,” said the report, written by officer Ryan Ruley.

In March, a guest at Hotel Edgar, which adjoins the restaurant, called police about loud music coming from the restaurant around 3 a.m., well after closing time. Police arrived at the scene and observed three city employees drinking inside the restaurant, according to a report.

During the hearing, Chief McNamee mentioned a third incident involving the restaurant, but said the matter was being investigated and gave no details.

“This is not behavior we would expect in Edgartown from any establishment,” the chef said. “I’ve been your leader for four years and we’ve never had to hold a hearing like this before.”

Mr. Tamargo said two employees, whom he did not name, were terminated following the incidents, and he apologized to the board.

“It’s just something we don’t want to be a part of. We are a family restaurant,” Mr. Tamargo said. “Yes we have a bar and yes we have the industry crowd and people in season who want to drink with us until midnight but we tow the line properly and those unfortunate bad apples have ruined it for us all.”

In other business on Tuesday, during their annual reorganization, council members elected Margaret Serpa as their new president.

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