There’s a new Wildwood BYOB boat bar (because why not?)


Additionally, Evil Genius unveils a major cast plan and the Saturday Night Party Series with free open bar and pizza.

Photo courtesy of Kick Back Tiki Cruises

Wildwood’s new tiki cruise where you can bring your own booze (and snacks)

As Shore season approaches, Captain Tim Merighi and his partner Matt Sawyer are (literally) launching their very own Tiki Cruise in Wildwood.

They have a privately chartered boat. They decked the thing out with a thatched roof, cozy bar, sound system, and its own bathroom, and they use it for all-day BYO tiki races that they call Kick Back Tiki Cruises.

It’s a simple system: show up at 626 West 26th Avenue at the scheduled time. You supply the alcohol. They provide the boat. Craving some snacks? Kick Back Tiki Cruises has a catering agreement with The Salty Mermaid in town, and can have everything delivered right to the dock (or you can bring your own food). They book six tours a day – including an early morning cruise and something called “Wildwood by Night” – and prices range from $350 to $500 for groups of six.

You can consult them here for more information.

The Downtown Saturday Night Party Series with Free Open Bar and Pizza

A few weeks ago, Smokin’ Betty’s old spot, upstairs at 116 South 11th Street, was transformed into a kind of pop-up nightclub by the team at the Top Tomato pizzeria to celebrate the launch of their new location. The event was such a success (there were, apparently, hundreds of people lining up to enter) that the Top Tomato team is going to make it a regular thing.

So, in conjunction with Happy Hour Philly, they’ll be hosting weekly Saturday night dance parties upstairs in the 2,800 square foot space, bringing live music and DJs and offering a free open bar (and a pizza) to everyone who shows up.

You can register for this week’s party (Saturday, 11pm-midnight) here. Anyone who follows Happy Hour Philly on Instagram and signs up at the link above can attend the party.

Photo courtesy of Evil Genius

Evil Genius takes over the world

Alright, not the world, but the local Evil Genius Beer Co. team is definitely planning to take over America. The Fishtown Brewery already has a presence in nine Northeastern states. Now the conquest continues with deals announced last week that will distribute their beer in Ohio and Michigan as the company focuses west.

Currently, they are considering a deal with Superior Beverage Group that will bring them to eastern and central Ohio (including Cleveland and Columbus). Then there will be a slew of deals with distributors putting “Stacy’s Mom”, “Adulting” and “Purple Monkey Dishwasher” in stores from Detroit to Kalamazoo.

And while it might not seem like big news at first glance, a move like this is actually pretty huge. As complicated as it is to launch a local brewery and make it a success, it is exponentially more complex to take something that works locally and make it a regional success. Are you moving outside of your home region like this? This adds a whole new layer of complications – financially, creatively and in terms of sourcing. It’s a huge step forward for a local brewery that’s only been around for a decade.

But if it works? So something like that is really the first step for a company looking to conquer the whole market. And it really doesn’t look like Evil Genius is planning to stop anytime soon.

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