Top 10 bar and restaurant interiors in Dezeen in 2021

Next up for our 2021 review is a roundup of Dezeen’s top 10 bar and restaurant interiors this year across the world, including a sushi restaurant in a converted post office and a cavernous pizzeria.

The photo is by Yevhenii Avramenko

Istetyka, Ukraine, by Yakusha Design

This Kiev restaurant by local studio Yakusha Design was crowned Restaurant and Indoor Bar of the Year at the 2021 Dezeen Awards for its mix of rough and smooth surfaces.

Diners are served a menu of healthy fast food on swaying benches and round tables featuring chubby textured clay vases made by local artisans.

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Cloud Artists Fair
Photo courtesy of Cheng Chung Design

50% Cloud Artists Lounge, China, by Cheng Chung Design

Cavernous walls of a brick art installation form the interior of the 50% Cloud Artists Lounge, a hybrid restaurant and exhibition space in Mile City, China.

Hong Kong office Cheng Chung Design commissioned local artist Luo Xu to create the brick structure, which was made without steel reinforcements or nails and is intended to serve as a neutral backdrop for art and furniture. curved in space.

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Features of the relief ceiling in the Veneno restaurant in Guadalajara
The photo is by Cesar Béjar Studio

Veneno, Mexico, by Monteon Arquitectos Asociados

Monteon Arquitectos Asociados designed the Dezeen Award-shortlisted Veneno with a photograph of an archaeological site in mind.

Located in Guadalajara, the restaurant features an embossed ceiling depicting ancient ruins, the theme of which is reflected in its sand-colored plaster walls and light-wood furniture.

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Pizzeria Myrto by Studio Wok
The photo is by Simone Bossi

Myrto, Italy, by Studio Wok

The Italian company Studio Wok was inspired by the rock caves of Sardinia to design the interior of the Myrto pizzeria in the city of Porto Cervo.

The cave-like pink plaster walls are only interrupted by arched window openings, bespoke furniture, and burgundy-colored lights designed by Michael Anastassiades for lighting brand Flos.

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Elgin Cafe by Renesa Architecture in Punjab, India
The photo is by Niveditaa Gupta

Elgin Cafe, India, by Studio Renesa

A bright green granite interior has been added to the Elgin Cafe in the Punjab to evoke the feeling of al fresco dining, according to New Delhi architecture office Studio Renesa.

Defined by granite sourced locally from Udaipur, the restaurant features a variety of other elements that make it feel like the outdoors, including wicker chairs, lush potted plants, and a wood-paneled green ceiling.

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Maido Restaurant by Child Studio with cherry wood paneling and soft blue coffered ceiling
Photo is by Felix Speller

Maido, UK, by Child Studio

Design company Child Studio inserted dark cherry wood panels and a blue coffered ceiling into a former London post office from the 1960s to create Maido, a sushi restaurant meant to honor the legacy of its location.

“We were fascinated by the unique history of this building and aimed to capture the nostalgic atmosphere of 1960s London, paying homage to the modernist public spaces of the time,” explained studio founders Alexy Kos and Che Huang .

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Restaurant Mimi Kakushi by Pirajean Lees
The photo is by Maha Nasra Eddé

Mimi Kakushi, UAE, by Pirajean Lees

Patterns reminiscent of the Japanese jazz era of the 1920s take center stage at Mimi Kakushi, a richly designed restaurant in Dubai by British firm Pirajean Lees.

Decadent elements have been added to the space, which is a converted nightclub, featuring bespoke stained glass, traditional Japanese woodwork, and luxurious bead curtains that cast dramatic shadows on the dining tables.

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Budapest coffee by Biasol
Photo is by Derek Swalwell

Budapest Café, Australia, by Biasol

Local studio Biasol’s Café Budapest in Melbourne is inspired by the geometric symmetry and nostalgic color palette known from director Wes Anderson’s feature films.

The walls are adorned with original steps to nowhere, while rust-colored banquettes and retro chairs have been inserted to recall scenes found in Anderson’s 2014 film The Grand Budapest Hotel.

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Soho Speakeasy
Photo is by Felix Speller

SOMA, United Kingdom, by Max Radford and Cake Architecture

Designer Max Radford and studio Cake Architecture have borrowed rich colors from Indian artwork to create this intimate basement cocktail bar in London’s Soho.

Dark-hued curtains envelop the hidden cabins and hint at the theaters of the neighboring West End, in an attempt to add a sense of mystery to what the design team have called “a contemporary take on the Soho underground bar, inspired by the spirit of India and beyond. “

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Photo courtesy of Lucas Muñoz

Mo de Movimiento, Spain, by Lucas Muñoz

Nominated for this year’s Dezeen Awards in the sustainable interior category, Spanish restaurant Mo De Movimiento has been assembled almost entirely from recycled waste and construction waste in the former theater and recording studio.

The rubble weighing 1,700 kilograms produced during the renovation was transformed into thick slabs that make up continuous benches, while other furniture was created from wooden structures found on the site.

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