Trench coat ready for business as bar and nightclub prepare to open next week

People will finally be welcomed to the trench next week – Shetland’s new bar and nightclub – after a long wait.

Trench Bar, which replaces Da Wheel, will open for the first time at 3 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon.

And its nightclub will also open next Friday and Saturday, giving revelers a place to go when the pubs close again.

Owner Riddi Maya Limbu said she was delighted to finally welcome people to the new bar and nightclub next week after a long wait to get to this stage.

Ms Limbu, who also owns Indian restaurant and takeaway Saffron, addressed some of the more lingering rumors about Trench ahead of the bar’s opening to the public.

She said that the ground floor will only be a bar – not a cocktail bar, as many had believed – and that half of the floor will also be used as a bar, the other half being the nightclub.

And she sought to address the rumor that Trench Bar would be for over-21s or over-25s only.

“We talked about maybe doing a themed party, for the over-25s.

“That’s where people got confused.

“It would just be once in a while, we could do a night for the over 25s only.”

She added that she felt people over a certain age had “no place to go” for a drink.

Speaking about her ideas for the new bar, she said she wanted people to “dress smart” when they came for a drink in the upscale downstairs bar.

“I want people to put in a bit of effort,” she said.

“That’s the idea. Let’s try it and see what people think.

Full story in Friday’s Shetland Times.

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