Vice City characters are most likely to spawn

The latest news on Grand Automatic Flight 6 claims that the game will take place in Vice City, and there are several characters from GTA Vice City it could come if that is the case. Although he is not the best known of all Grand Theft Auto Games, city ​​of vice is still a strong entry with several memorable moments. A return to the region of GTA 6 got to see some familiar faces return.

Among the cast of characters from city ​​of vice, there are a few options for characters that could potentially return in later games. Of course, some are unavailable due to being killed by Tommy at some point in the story. However, that still leaves a decent amount of the cast available for cameo appearances, or even story relevance. While many fans are busy discerning the fakes GTA 6 reliable rumor leaks, it’s also time to consider which past cast members might be wrapped up in the story of GTA 6.


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Some members of the city ​​of vice The cast may be harder to write than others, but there are plenty of reasons to include several of them in the next game’s shenanigans. Whether they have a minor role, a side quest, or a story arc, each of them can offer something to the narrative. Luckily, a few characters have more than enough potential to make a splash in GTA 6.

Kent Paul could provide an entertaining story in GTA 6

In city ​​of vice, Kent’s primary job was in the music industry, but he also provided Tommy with several tips regarding big jobs. Although he had connections to get those scoops, he was never a major player in the underworld. It will reappear later in GTA trilogyis the best game, GTA San Andreaswhere he seems to have stuck to his job as a musician and found a new band to manage, causing him almost as much headache as Tommy.

If Kent comes back in GTA 6, then the best way to use it would be to focus on his work in the music industry. He could again have a new group to manage, and his difficulties in maintaining his lifestyle and his career could lead him to cross paths with the protagonists. Perhaps in disbelief that he’s working with criminals again, he might seek the protagonist’s help in cleaning up the mess his new clients leave in their wake. Whether providing additional security or fighting off shady acquaintances and accomplices, the GTA the universe’s music scene probably has no shortage of jobs for people like the GTA 6 protagonists, similar to GTA onlineit is Relay-esque nightclub management.

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All of the above would be spiced up with Kent’s personality. Unlucky loudmouth, his misadventures that inevitably require the player’s help have great entertainment potential. A side story featuring Kent would be an interesting use of the player’s time in Grand Automatic Flight 6.

Ken Rosenburg could be a paranoid but loyal ally in GTA 6

Ken Rosenburg is a mob lawyer who aligned himself with Tommy Vercetti at the start of city ​​of vice, and remained his staunch ally throughout the game. However, San Andreas revealed that after Ken got out of rehab, Tommy started ignoring him, leaving him without any associates. He started working with CJ late in San Andreasbut GTA 6 might find a way to get him home to Vice City.

Upon returning to Vice City, Ken’s overly cautious nature would likely lead to him being very paranoid. After all, as one of the characters still alive after GTA Vice City, he knows better than anyone how powerful Tommy is and how vindictive he can be. This could easily lead to an alliance with the GTA 6 protagonists, as Ken would seek protection. From there, he could probably play a role similar to what he did in city ​​of vice, acting as a counselor and helping to get them out of jail whenever they get arrested. True to form, he would worry about all the ways the protagonists’ plans could go wrong, especially how they could backfire on him.

Ken was one of city ​​of vicethe funniest characters of, and his humorous personality might help brighten up GTA 6. Additionally, its presence could help add a familiar connection to past play, and perhaps act as a way of relieving players who haven’t played. city ​​of vice. Although several convincing GTA 6 rumors are already circulating, Ken’s return is an equally believable idea.

Tommy Vercetti Could Be Vice City’s Kingpin In GTA 6

Tommy Vercetti was the player character of Grand Theft Auto Vice City. A soldier in a crime family who had just been released from prison, Tommy is quick to create his own criminal empire once he arrives in city ​​of vice, finally defeating the boss who betrayed him so many years ago. By the end of the game, he is unmatched as Vice City’s most powerful criminal.

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Despite being a former protagonist, there’s little reason to believe Tommy would be friendly if he were still in power for GTA 6. During city ​​of vice, Tommy has repeatedly shown himself to be extremely ruthless when it comes to making him respect power in the city. Outside of his interactions with a few select characters, Tommy is absolutely ruthless in expanding and managing his empire. With that in mind, Tommy could be GTA 6is the bad guy. The GTA 6 the protagonists would likely be the objects of his wrath, being criminals who do not operate in his organization. With his immense power and willingness to cross any line, Tommy could easily play the role of GTA 6the main antagonist of and be awfully efficient at doing so.

Tommy Vercetti, despite player associations with him in the past, might be one of the scariest villains Grand Theft Auto saw again. He’s already committed several cruel deeds in his own game, so perhaps the depths he’d be willing to sink to as an antagonist are considerable. His combination or power and insensitivity make Tommy the scariest choice for a GTA 6 antagonist. GTA 6 promises to be a unique game, and this story could include a villainous turn from an old protagonist, even if Tommy was never a good guy in the first place.

It’s been a long time since GTA fans have seen Vice City, so a lot has probably changed. However, just because times are changing does not mean that any of the ancients city ​​of vice the old ones can come back for another game. When Grand Automatic Flight 6 fate, fans should be on the lookout for all figures from the past to make a comeback.

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