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Whether you like bars and pub crawls or not, it has become a tradition for adults over the legal drinking age to go pub hopping in celebration of Halloween. It’s a great way to be festive and encourage you to create a decent costume that you can wear to the event. After all, you don’t want to be the only weirdo not showing up in costume, do you?

san diego halloween pub crawl

If you’re familiar with the San Diego area, you may know that we have several great bar scenes, including Downtown, North Park, Pacific Beach, and Ocean Beach, to name a few. name a few. This year, San Diego’s Halloween Pub Crawl takes place in the heart of downtown, in our very own Gaslamp Quarter. This Halloween event spans the entire weekend as well as Halloween day (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday). You can also find a similar event in Pacific Beach if that’s more your stage called Halloween Pacific Beach Zombie Crawl. This event takes place on the Friday and Saturday of Halloween weekend.

So what makes these events special or worthwhile? Purchasing tickets for these events will entitle you to special discounts, entry fee covers and free drinks throughout the night at their partner bars and restaurants. Many of these discounts and free drinks come with caveats, so be sure to read the details so you know exactly where to go and what to do to get the most out of the night and your ticket!

For these events, all you have to do is buy the ticket, check in at the designated place and time to pick up your wristband and vouchers, and you’re ready for your own adventure. They will be providing maps to show which bars and restaurants are partnering with the event so it’s much easier to navigate the streets downtown. There are no designated routes or times for where you go and where you don’t go bars, so it’s all about choosing your own kind of adventure, but, of course, if you want to get the most out of your ticket, you should definitely arrive early and try to hit every spot. This is where it becomes important to learn about the specific offerings of each bar or restaurant. Most “free photos” are only free with the purchase of something else. There are entrance fees to some bars which will be covered by the ticket, but only before a specific time, so if you know you really want to get to those bars, make sure you get there before the end of the day. allotted time so as not to have to pay for cover.



Here are some of the bars that will be collaborating on the downtown event and the offers they will be offering:

MRS BONNIES – free welcome shot w. purchase / $10 corpse revitalizing cocktails / $5 fine drinks / $2 off all appetizers.

AMERICAN JUNKIE – free welcome shot / free entry until 10 p.m. / $6 White Claws / $5 draft beers.

BOOTEGERS – free welcome shot w. buy / $3 Perky Blonde Cans / $6 Skrewball Shots.

GHOST NIGHTCLUB – free admission all night / 2 for 1 drinks good / $4 mixed shots / $4 beer mugs / free hookah with bottle service.

MYST LOUNGE – free welcome shot w. purchase / $5 drinks good / $5 bottled beers.

TIN ROOF – free admission all night / $6 drinks good / $6 domestic.

SUGAR FACTORY – free admission until 10 p.m. / shots at $7.

WHISKEY GIRL – free admission until 11 p.m. / $5 good drinks / $5 domestic.

GARAGE KITCHEN + BAR – $5 Coors Light drafts / $6 on drinks / $3 off Coors Light 34 oz mugs.

KNOTTED BARREL – $6 Knotty Barrel pints / $7 house specialty shots.

CASABLANCA LOUNGE – $10 buy one get one zombie shooters / $7 frozen margaritas / $4 local beers / $6 Jager bombs / $7 Henny coladas.

DOUBLE TWO – free welcome shot.

NICK THE GREEK – $8 beer and fries combo.

JOHNNY WOW! – $5 WOW! beers / $7 Skrewball shots / $10 zombie slushies.

GAS LAMP BARBECUE – $5 Fernet Liqueur Shots / $7 Sexton Irish Whiskey Shots.

COASTAL CANTEEN – free welcome shot w. purchase / $5 tacos until 11 p.m.

VYBZ- free admission until 10 p.m. / $5 select beers / $5 well shots / $5 Jell-O shots / half cover after 10 p.m.

TIKI [email protected]! – $5 WOW! beers / $7 Skrewball shots / $10 zombie slushies.

BAR TIVOLI- free welcome shot with purchase.

LEFT CHEESESTEAK – $4 beers / $2 off cheesesteaks / 50% off all entrees.

BEER – $5 Jaeger cold beer shots / $5 John Daly’s.

LUMPI- free welcome shot w. full price drink purchase / $3 off Allagash White cans / $5 off San Miguel bottles.

WESTBREW- $10 beer flights / 15% off all food

More information is available on their website and eventbrite page.

Now, you can still bar hop on Halloween without a ticket, as many do, but you’ll pay full price for everything and miss out on the specials. But if you’re not looking to be super active and hit a lot of spots, the paid event might not be worth it for you.

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