Wilmington town center bar will require proof of vaccination starting on New Years Eve

Customers gathered at Ibiza nightclub in downtown Wilmington in 2021. The bar now requires proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

The phrase “have a safe and happy new year” is a cliché. But at least one downtown Wilmington nightclub is addressing both sides of that saying.

Wilmington Ibiza’s long-standing dance club 118 Market St. on Thursday announced it will require all customers to prove that they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. The policy begins “in effect immediately,” according to a press release sent out by the club.

“We value our role in the community and remain committed to doing our part to reduce the spread of the coronavirus,” the statement said, adding that the new requirement is “to keep our community, our customers, our staff safe. and animators. “

The statement also said all customers must wear masks “unless they are actively drinking” and this limits capacity.

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The reaction on the club’s Facebook page has been mixed, with some supporting the decision and others denouncing it.

Charles Smith, who has been Ibiza’s chief executive for five years, said the bar actually required proof of vaccine when it reopened after the pandemic in April, but relaxed the requirement when the number of cases of COVID-19 has dropped.

“The latest increase in the omicron variant,” Smith said, prompted the club to reinstate the policy.

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This is an extremely rare policy among bars or businesses of any kind in Wilmington. In most cities where it is common to require proof of vaccination, a photo of a person’s vaccination card on their phone will pass through most facilities, and Smith said that “an electronic copy” of the Vaccination cards will be accepted in Ibiza if the name on the card matches the name on the ID.

Ibiza has been downtown since 2001 and is known for hosting drag shows and dance parties.

Tickets for the Ibiza New Years Eve party can be purchased at Ibiza.ticketspice.com/nye2022 or at IbizaWilmington.com.

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This article originally appeared on Wilmington StarNews: Ibiza Town Center Dance Club Requires Proof of Vaccination

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