Woody’s LGBTQ Bar & Dance Club in Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PA – Woody’s LGBTQ bar and dance clubs in Philadelphia are worth a visit for a night of fun with friends and a dazzling light show. Its welcoming atmosphere and specialized entertainment cater to the tastes of the gay community. Whether you want to dance the night away or just relax with a good meal, you’ll find something to please you at Woody’s.

Woody’s popularity among gay men in Philadelphia led to a 50/50 gay-straight mix at the bar. Woody’s is also one of the most popular places for gay men in the Gayborhood. Philadelphia Gay News editor Mark Segal could not determine the exact year the change began. However, he was struck by how many heterosexual people he saw wearing polyester.

Philadelphia’s gay community has been served by a gay-owned bar for nearly three decades. The history of the place has inspired several new venues, including numerous pubs and a nightclub in the Philadelphia area. The atmosphere is cozy and the cheap beer is the perfect accompaniment to a dance party. In addition to its role as a gay bar and dance club in Philadelphia, Woody’s also has an internet cafe.

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